How long are your episodes?

How long do your MAV episodes last? Mine come about every four years and like to hang around for about 4 to 5 months at a time.

Hi Emily,
I guess mine are every few years. The first two times were probably a few years apart and lasted about 5-6 months at a time. Then I also get these moments of dizziness (rocking sensation really) that can come and go for a few minutes at a time. the last year though it has been tougher to kick. overall better, but still working on it.

It’s been nice and validating in a lot of ways to finally figure out what is going on with me. This last year two neurologists told me I have migraine associated vertigo. I never really knew exactly what was going on before.

I hope you feel better soon

Mine begins with a severe episode of vertigo in the night that can last for up to 24 hours. As the vertigo subsides I’m left with Migrainous symptoms such as unsteadiness, dizziness, headache, visual symptoms, hypersensitivities etc etc that YES can last for months . NOTHING knocks it out . I haven’t had one since late June so I’m going on 8 months now. And I hope I never have another one. My neuro has coached me into knocking it out before the full blown vertigo hits. Sometimes I have prodrome type symptoms before the vertigo and sometimes not so much so it is can sneak up on me. It is awful ! After my son was born I was having vertigo every 2 months with migraine symptoms lingering in between so it was like one chronic migraine for years.

When I have vertigo attacks they last 4-5 hours or so. I take meds (valium, melcizine, promethizine) as soon as the vertigo starts and it seems it takes forever for them to kick in. On some occassions I have gone to the ER by ambulance and had IV meds. Those work faster but man, they really knock me right out and the ride in the bumpy ambulance is pure torture. I have no idea how long the vertigo would last if I didn’t get meds in me and I hope I never have to find out.

Otherwise I can go for a a few days feeling good and while I haven’t had outright vertigo for several years now, the awful feeling of motion sickness seems to be lurking around the corner, pouncing on me unexpetedly making me feel downright miserable for a spell (minutes to hours or until a less potent version of my above drugs kick in).

I still get what I call pulsions every now and them, not fun.

Mine start within the first couple hours of the morning, last on and off through the day, then ease up in the evening. Occasionally, they hit me at bed time, but thankfully not often.

I wish I had episodes. Unless properly controlled by meds it is constant (and even when controlled, Im never fully normal but good enough). Its been 10 years, looking forward to the next 10 years :slight_smile:

Hello… I don’t know if you’ll ever read this as your message was some years ago. I’m in the grips of MAV for the first time (juts over 2 months) and obviously hoping that it doesn’t stay as a permanent thing. When yours went each time after a period of having it, did it just end abruptly one day… Like a switch being turned off? Or did it slowly decrease over maybe a number of weeks?