How long before you found a med combo that worked?

UGH - SO frustrated about what to do! Tired of being home on sick leave, 2 weeks now feels like 2 months! I miss my job, my friends, MY LIFE!! Last night I slept for only 5 hours and yep, sure enough, migraine hits this afternoon and it’s been wicked. I need fresh air and exercise for sure but how do you push yourself out the door when you have MAV???

Tamsha- You probably won’t like this answer…but, I think some people have to fiddle for months (some years) to get a good drug/dose/combo. I myself, am still in the “meds fiddling stage.” It seems that this “meds trialing” process goes much s-l-o-w-e-r for us Migraine Brains as we all seem so med sensative and we have to start on such low doses and go up so slowly. I think that if this @-+#%^ MAV teaches anything at all, it would be pateince----forced patience. You may have to take more time off of work. We all are so anxious to get “back to our normal lives” but we all have to find individual coping skills (booze will not help in this case, sorry!) to cope with MAV and all that it takes from us.

Hi Tamsha,
I guess I’ve been a bit luckier, but I started on beta-blockers last summer, and have gradually increased the dosage, and added in pizotifen, and within 6 months I’ve got my life back to a large extent (although I always am a bit fearful of having a relapse). However, my improvement was really gradual and slow, rather than a sudden thing. I hope you see an improvement soon.