How Long Between Med Trials

Hello all,
How long do you take between med trials? I had been off all meds for a few weeks but hit some snags trying to sleep. I tried a bit of Valium for two nights and I am just awful today. The rocking is slamming me today. I did have a migraine about 5 days ago so that could be contributing.

Is there a rule of thumb for stopping one med and trialing the next.

Good luck to all who are trying something new.



This is a very good question and I’m probably the worst person to offer advice as I have been swinging from one med to the next over the last 6 months like a monkey swinging through the jungle. It stands to reason perhaps that returning to your own personal baseline between trials might be the best plan. If a med has really kicked dirt in my face I usually wait until I feel more like myself (albeit with raw MAV hanging around) again before throwing down something new.

Good luck with Z.