How long does it take to develop tolerance to benzos?

How long does it take to develop a tolerance to benzos?

I’ve been taking 1 mg of klonopin since April, recently however I’ve been feeling the need to take 1.5 mg a few times a week. I’m worried my body is developing a tolerance very, very quickly. I know klonopin was never designed to be taken daily for long periods of time.

I want klonopin to be a stop-gap measure, I’m still experimenting with other meds as migraine preventatives.

This may sound like a stupid question, but are you having to take more klonopin because your symptoms are coming through? or because some of the klonopin SEs are wearing off? eg, the sedation?

im having to take more because my symptoms are showing through, suprisingly, besides mild memory problems I’ve never had any bad klonopin side effects.

did you feel very well, every day, on 1 mg a day? If so, i guess i would be worried too.

Hey Julie,

I think it really depends on where your at with this illness. I was taking 7 pills of Xanex daily from 1992-1999. It helped me with having less Vertigo attacks. Then i left the phone company in 7/99…moved to L.A. to live with a friend…did not work for nearly 2 years and during that time i started to decrease very gradually the amount of Xanex i was taking. Seems like it took 1-2 years to bring the dosage down from 7 to One pill a day. Plus…the strength i initially was taking was 0.5mg…but currently it is 0.25mg which is the lowest strength you can purchase. The 90’s were the worst for me…lots of Vertigo…Big Time Stress on the job. But by making adjustments in my life…which is currently working only part-time and it’s a job with less stress than previous job…plus watching what i eat and drink…all these factors have helped me with decreasing the Xanex dosage. But for some reason…i cannot get lower than One Xanex pill a day. I have tried countless times to cut the pill in half and i’m good for one day…then the increased motion returns. So the way i see it is…this is what my body needs right now…that one pill and of course along with the Verapamil. Maybe if i find another drug tht is helpful to me…that will someday help me to discontinue the xanex entirely. But untill then…i am very thankful for this medication.


I have an apology to make. I thought Julie had asked this question…but it was “dizzyupthegirl”. So i am very sorry. :oops:


nothing to be ashamed about, your point is well taken, joe. there could be other factors that are contributing to the increase in dizziness, yes?

I remember a few months ago Kira underwent some stressors at work which forced her to increase her Klonopin.

thanks for the point well taken, Joe. Maybe not tolerance at all!

Julie…STRESS is a big factor for me dealing with this condition! If my day ends up very stressful or going thru a very difficult time…sometimes i have to take a 2nd Xanex. If i don’t…things will continue to snowball and be uncomfortable for the rest of the day and more than likely not be able to sleep at night. I can understand Kira increasing the klonopin if she was going thru a very difficult time at work. I’ve been there…done that.


Yes, i’ve heard that from others and it makes total sense. Stress doesn’t seem to be a trigger for me. i can go through a hellish day and feel frazzled, but not necessarily more MAV-ish. What makes me feel worse, always, every time, is lack of sleep. a good night’s sleep, besides being Mother Nature’s gift to us (thank you Mother Nature (and thank you Ambien)), is one of my best preventatives :slight_smile:

Although I could be eating my words after the next two weeks. I run a business. the last two months have been rough, but not overly. Last week was stressful but not to the point of frazzled, I’m just glad it’s over. But the next two weeks will be weeks from hell.

If you don’t see me over the next two weeks you’ll know why and I may be changing my tune about stress not being a trigger for me. My latest mantra, which I also use as I’m walking into the dentist’s office is “it will be over before you know it”

Wish me luck :roll:


Julie…not getting enough sleep is way up there on the list for me. If i don’t get nearly 7.5-8 hrs…i feel increased motion the next day and more foggyness. Also…need to keep a structured pattern of going to sleep. I can’t slip into bed at 9pm one day and the next day 11pm and the next 10pm. There has to be some consistency. Your right…getting a good night sleep is worth a million bucks! :slight_smile:



I need a lot of structure, even ritual, to get to sleep. People know not to call me past 8:00. I take my bath at 8:30. I try to get off this forum at 9:00 :slight_smile: and then read a little until 9:30 and then to sleep at 10:00.

Anything less than 8 hours and i’m not good. I could easily, very easily and often sleep as much as 10 hours a night, because the last four hours is light and broken. But the increase in my Zoloft seems to be helping that.

I think that may be because serotonin is a precursor to melatonin. I’ll bet that’s why depressed people can’t sleep. they don’t have enough serotonin. I tried going down on my Zoloft and found myself waking at 4:00 a.m. again. I went back up to 75 mg and I’m sleeping again. I’ll stick at 75 mg. :slight_smile:


Hi Julie…i defintiely need plenty of sleep, and a structured and simple life now. Sounds like 75mg of Zoloft is working better for you?? It’s all about Quality of life.


You got it - i’m “over” getting “cured” :slight_smile: I’m looking for my life back - or some semblance of it!