How long for meds to get out of your system

Does anyone know how long tablets take to get out of your system and how long side affects take to go once stopping them. I can’t find much on the net about it. I keep getting mixed information from the doctor and from the pharmacist. I have been off Pizo for 2 weeks tomorrow and ami a week today. I have heard from people in other groups that it can take a while depending on the side affects. I got a lot of burning sensations which happened whilst been on these meds. I was on Pizo for about 9 weeks and ami for 2 weeks. The complicated things about it as I thought half of the burning was a condition that I had years ago called vulvodynia but thence feet arms and scalp also started burning which doesn’t fit he criteria of this other condition. I just don’t know what to do x

every drug has different half lives so some drugs can get out from your system in days where as others make take weeks
just google the drug name and half life and u will find the answer

I think the average is about 5 times the half life of the med (exact time depends on gender, other meds, body chemistry, etc.), which you can find online pretty easily. For example, pizotifen (is that what pizo is referring to?) has a half life of approx. 23 hours, so 23 x 5 = 115 hours = just under 5 days.

How long the side effects take to go away is another story. Some will go away very quickly, could be even before the med is totally cleared, whereas other people may have longer discontinuation syndromes if they have been on certain medications for a long time (e.g. Effexor, SSRI’s tricyclics). Not everyone gets that though. Being on amitriptyline for only 2 weeks it would be pretty unusual to have any lasting side effects. I don’t know anything about Pizotifen, sorry =( Your best resource is always going to be your pharmacist and doctor, but if you are confused about the information or are getting conflicting information, is there another professional you can call? (e.g. PCP in addition to neuro or another pharmacy location) What have they told you so far?