How long till you see results?

Hi all
I’ve been following the 6c diet as best as I can (still struggling to figure out what contains msg) for about 8 weeks now plus I’m on nortriptyline (currently at 25 mgs but due to increase to 50 mgs next week) also on topamax 100 mgs twice daily.
Still have daily head pressure and off balance feeling and also I vertigo spins frequently… Some days r better than others but it’s never not there…
Just wondering should the diet changes have made an impact by now??? I started the nort around the same time as the diet and thought it was helping but now I’m not so sure…, back to having the same bad days mostly :unamused:
Thanks in advance xx

Hi Woody,

sorry, I can’t answer that question since I am not there :frowning:.

I’ve heard anything from 3 months at a therapeutic dose to after a few days of starting a med. on this forum… it seems very individual. Everyone advises patience, though.


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Thanks fussyfussy

I didn’t have time to reply till now…!
It’s so frustrating waiting for something to happen… Waiting for some improvement that might never come…! This is my 6th different medication trial so gettin kind of fed up to be honest…!!
Thanks again xx

Hang in there, Woody.

That’s all we can do. Try not to stress out since it is a big trigger on and off itself. Try to remain positive.

Thanks fussyfussy

I’m trying to stay positive as I’m sure we all are… Hard when life just seems to be passing me by at the mo :sleepy:

Thanks again