How long to wait before adding new medicine

Hello Everyone.

I am wondering how long is the usual amount of time to give one medicine to reach full effectiveness before adding in another. I have been taking 10 mg of nadolol for 7 weeks now and have gotten back up to about 70 percent on most days. My dr suggested adding in 12.5 mg Zoloft if I am not 100 percent after 6 weeks. I started feeling a bit better about 3 weeks ago and it’s been a slow process of feeling a bit better every day. I feel like I have been retraining my vestibular system during this time as well. Things like turning my head are getting me less and less dizzy. I have been very strictly following diet modifications and have been starting to ride my exercise bike again. I can only do about 10 min before I have to stop and it makes me dizzier afterwards. I am still very easily triggered by things that did not affect me as badly as when I was on 20 mg of the nadolol. So I am thinking that 10 mg alone isn’t really doing the trick. But I am not sure if I should wait a little longer to see if things get better before starting the Zoloft. I can’t take more nadolol because it makes my blood pressure too low.



You should be on the highest tolerated dose for 3-4 months before you know if a drug is effective.

Hi Robert
Thanks for writing back. I decided to start the Zoloft last night because I am still so easily triggered and I really need to try to get more fully functional on a regular basis again. I was out of work for a month while getting off of the nadolol completely and getting back on 10 mg… Then waiting for it to work well enough for my to drag myself to work. I have been back at work for about a month now and really need to try not to miss any more time as my employer seems to be pretty intolerant of my illness. I am really hoping the Zoloft will give me the extra help I need. I seem to be ok on it so far except for insomnia last night. So I am going to try taking it tomorrow morning and see if that will be better for me. What sort of medications work for you?


I didn’t read your previous post, so I may be late in saying this. I too am on nadolol. Was the first med I trialed. It got me to about 70% like you said within about 1 month. My doctor added in the ami because he said I could get better with 2 medications. I have been taking 50mg amitriptyline and 40mg of Nadolol and have been doing well for about 3 years (went back to work, school, usual activities, etc). This drug combination has worked wonders for me, and it may just be that you need to increase your dose. The most I can say is have patience (although I know this isn’t easy). I would stick with the nadolol if you have seen improvement…10 mg is a really small dose…

Hi Jen

I have been on the nadolol for 2 months now and still only 70%. Unfortunately I am not able to increase the dose because it drops my blood pressure too much. I just tried Zoloft for 5 days and it was horrible. It made me way too hyper and gave me neck and jaw tension constantly. I think if I wasn’t on nadolol at the same time I may have lost it! I am takin about a week off of that and then am going to try adding in gabapentin. My dr suggested noritriptyline but I read that it reduces the blood pressure even more when combined w nadolol. Did the amitryptline lower your blood pressure any? I have read that it is similar to the nori.