How long until the meds start working?

Well I’ve been on 25mg Elavil for almost a month and I don’t feel any different. How long does it usually take to start working? When is it time to go back to the doctor? :?


Hi Gwen,

I have been on Elavil for one year now. I am very sensitive to medication so i have to increase the strength very gradually. 25mg wasnot much help for me. I began to see a little more improvement at 50mg…now i am on 75mg with a slight more improvemtent. My doctor wants to try and reach the goal of 100mg if i can. Since taking Elavil it appears that i don’t think about the rocking motion as much…i can take less Xanex per day and appear to have a little more energy.

Are you keeping in touch with your doctor so he/she can monitor how things are going?