How Low Can You Go?

I was just wondering how bad this can get when it is totally out of control? Is anyone actually bedridden by this? I mean indefinitely rather than temporarily?

I’m scared now that none of my meds/VRT/diet etc have worked and in 2 years I can honestly say that each day gets a tiny bit worse. I still work but I don’t know for how much longer. I bump into things all the time, find it hard to see or think straight and my balance is so bad I hold on to things all the time. I am trialling a new medication now and haven’t given up hope but i can’t help wondering where it could end. I had proper room spinning at the outset and couldn’t go back to that. I just want someone to say look this is how bad it can be, instead of all this expectation of improvements that never materialise.

Seriously I can go there if you want, but it will be depressing as all get out. Let me know, but I don’t want to be Debbie downer if that’s not what you’re looking for.



Were u prescribed diamox for your MAV? Did you reach the therapatic dose? Any side effects?

I do want to know the worst case scenario. It can’t be any worse than I am thinking.

Hi Nubs,

Have you been trying the meds and diet for 2 years now with no luck? Can you go back to your dr. who diagnosed you- maybe you have something other than MAV?

Being too dizzy to stand up is the worst I have been, for a day or less. Being too vertiginous to walk without holding on is the worst I’ve been over a long stretch. Kicking caffeine fixed that one.

Have you tried the diet strictly and lifestyle changes at all? Those can really help along with meds sometimes.
When i first got this, i sat on the sofa all day as i just couldn’t face walking before it got a bit better and now sometimes i feel very faint, like i will just drop to the floor, but luckily have never, i hope mine never gets any worse than my worse times but couldn’t tell you how bad it could get.
I hope things turn around for you soon xx