How many of us sleep well?

The more I read about sleep apnea the more convinced I’m becomming that it could be a major factor for me. I’m only a few weeks in to treatment and I’ll try to keep you all posted. I’m interested in finding out how many people here really feel like they are getting high quality sleep at night. Lets say on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being a solid 8 hours of sleep with no interruptions and 1 being no sleep at all, how’s everyone doing? Thanks.


I think I sleep pretty well, but I still don’t feel happy with it. It’s very unrefreshing, waking up full of energy? Just doesn’t happen, to the extent that I’m surprised some people actually feel that way!
Still, I usually sleep pretty well, waking up 1-3 (at least one, usually two) times a night, but rapidly falling back to sleep again.
By far the biggest problem when it comes to my sleep is my neighbors, who usually decide whether I get the rest I need or not. :evil:

I’ve never slept well, my entire life. I wake up many times a night, have no idea why, but I’ve always been that way.
On the average night, I wake up probably 7 -10 times, but quickly go back to sleep. My Dad is the same way, but he gets up to eat (thankfully I don’t).

I’m anxiously waiting to hear how it comes out for you Chaz, its given me something to think about.


— Begin quote from “AZdizzy”

I’ve never slept well, my entire life. I wake up many times a night, have no idea why, but I’ve always been that way.
On the average night, I wake up probably 7 -10 times, but quickly go back to sleep.

— End quote

My sleep experience is just like Kim’s. I wake up numerous times each night, but usually go right back to sleep. On a good night, I only remember waking up 2-3 times. On a bad night, it is at least 20-30 times. I usually wake up remembering a dream I was having. They are often crazy and vivid. I have also experienced this my entire life. I still remember waking up numerous times a night from crazy reoccuring dreams during my childhood.

I’ve read it is not uncommon for migrainers to have had sleep and depression issues in their lifetime. I think it all ties into the discussions regarding brain chemistry going on in other threads. Perhaps seratonin, melatonin, and tryptophan all play a part?

Hi Chaz, no I dont sleep well at all, especaily sinse all this started , wasnt sure is it was stress or what ait was.
and Yes i have woken choaking ,trying to catch my breath,several times, put it down to panic attack during sleep.
I’m lucky to get 3 hours each time. even with a sleeping tab.
jen :frowning:
maybe there’s a few of us here that need a sleep study hey?

My sleep problems didn’t start until I got perimenopausal. It doesn’t sound like that’s contributing to anybody here, just thought i would add it to the list. And if nothing else, just wait! That’s when the real sleep problems start. I doubt i’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again and i used to sleep like a baby.

The things we take for granted.


Goodie can’t wait for that one! :oops:

Not much more humbling than menopause, or so i thought, until I got MAV, which threw me straight into the gutter. :oops:


Kim, Marci, and Jen,
I think it’s quite a coincidence that 3 of the 4 people who’ve replied so far sound like they could be badly sleep deprived. I’d really encourage you guys to have sleep studies done. In most cases the insurance will pick it up and chronic sleep deprivation is strongly linked to both dizziness and migraine. What’s more, I was oblivious to this condition until I had my sleep study. If someone had asked me how I was sleeping I’d have said fair and told them that I was waking up a few times a night due to stress. Turns out I was choking for air and hardly getting any real sleep all night long - oxygen saturation dropping - blood undoubtedly filling up with carbon dioxide, etc. etc. Who knows what all effects this was having on my brain, ears and various other body organs.

Weather it’s the verapamil or addressing the apnea I don’t know, but I’m dramaticaly better than I was 4 months ago. No real vertigo at all in the past 3 months and even the disequilibrium seems to be very gradually improving. I found myself playing in the pool with my 3 year old last week. I was swimming around under water. I never would have done that a few months ago.

Good luck.

Yeh Chaz,
I agree there has to be more to this mav.
When I was 4 years old, I woke up and could hardly breath and was rushed to hospital, mum said I was BLUE.

They said they didn’t know why it happened, maybe asthma
Who knows?
But I know I was asleep before it happened as I remember the dream I was having before I woke up chocking.

I told Julie not long ago, I’ve had choking sensations before, it’s happened while drifting off to sleep.
Or I’ve just woken not breathing, but I just put that down to stress, or anxiety attack.

I wonder if someone can have a sleep test if they are already on anticonvulsants or not as it would change the EEG wouldn’t it?
Isn’t that what they are reading, or is it an ECG ?
I have no idea.

I thought they check the brain waves patterns?
Anticonvulsants change brain wave patterns.
It’s awesome to hear your doing better :smiley:


Does anyone here get restless legs? I do and my neurololgist recommended I take a drug called Pramipexole to stop it as he said it cause restless sleep, which as we know can cause migraine.

However, my restless legs aren’t that severe and I think I sleep pretty well so I have been a bit reluctant to take more medication than I need to. Having read this post though, perhaps it something I might consider doing.


You are right, a major part of the sleep study test is the EEG. A good friend of mine is a doctor who specializes in sleep studies. I’ll email him and ask if you can have a sleep study while on ACs. Wait, before I ask him, let me know if there are any other questions out there, from anybody.



Restless leg can be VERY bad. You’re lucky too have gotten off easy. I’ve seen people who can’t sit still long enough to eat dinner. And they cannot sleep without pretty heavy sedation. talk about a tormented life. My Dad had it for awhile and then it was gone. I remember asking him, as he got older, about his restless legs, he would say, what restless legs? i began to wonder if it were my memory getting bad or his :slight_smile:

I’ve had the feeling, on and off, it’s like an anxiety in your legs that goes away only if you move them?


Yes beech.

My estranged father and I have had this RLS our whole lives,
He also has live with MDds symptoms and he has temporal lobe epilepsy,
My RLS isn’t as bad as dads, it’s only very light in comparison, but I’ve had it since a I was small.
It feels like your bones need to be stretched just like a muscle needs stretching when it starts to spasm, its kind of a crawling intense ants on the inside feeling. Hard to explain, interesting thing is, since being on topa and or and anti D it’s subsided. hmmm?
My husband has RLS much worse than myself. I give him magnesium and it works a treat! :shock:
why dose this RLS have anything to do with sleep disorder?
sorry if i missed something I’ve just worken up heee :mrgreen:



from what people have told me it’s because when they relax is when the RLS kicks in, right? They have to move their legs to make the feeling go away, right? And it can even wake them up in the middle of the night.


That’s weird mine will start immediately after dinner, or a big lunch, so I have to eat small meals, I have felt a connection with my migraine/ bowels problems/ RLS/ for years, its feels interconnected somehow.
Now that the topa has started to work on the migs, it’s stopping the RLS and the Bowel problems.

When My husband asked our Dr for something for his RLS he said take mega magnesium, don’t you think it’s a coincidence that migraine is also reduced by magnesium supplements in some people Interesting!!!

Thanks Beech and chaz.
good post


I mostly wake up generally 2…sometimes 3 times a night but it’s mostly because of another chronic condition. Without my daily medication i am sure i would not be able to sleep at all. But when i wake up in the morning i ususally do not feel very rested…which is unfortunate because prior the MAV and this other chronic condition i use to sleep like a log. I really need my 8 hours!


Joe you keep mentioning this other condition you have, now you know I’m a busy body .
so unless your going to tell me,
stop taunting me with secret stuff?
just kidding!!!

how’ve you been joe I’ll PM you later :oops:

My neurologist told me that Restless Legs Syndrome can make you sleep less well because you are moving your legs about while you are asleep, which makes it more disturbed, which in turn can make the migraines worse. He did tell me that they also have the same cause as it was one of his diagnostic questions when I went to see him.

Another condition that can have the same cause as migraine is Raynauds Syndrome (which I get too) which can also be helped by magnesium, so I have decided to start taking a magnesium supplement to see if it helps with all three conditions. I have ordered a product called ‘Migrelief’ which contains magnesium, Vitamin B2 and Feverfew, all of which have been proven in clinical trials to help migraine so fingers crossed!


I seriously doubt that the medication you are on would preclude having a sleep study done. They measure something like 17 different parameters. Even if one parameter was slightly skewed by medication I think that the overall picture would still very likely be definitive for something like OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) if you had it. Just make sure the doctor knows about any meds you are taking so that he can take them into account. Some of the things you are describing are very suggestive of OSA by the way.