How many of you actually get painful headaches?

I get painful headaches in addition to the dizziness and other symptoms(well, the first year I didn’t get headaches, but I do now!). Actually the pain never completely goes away. How about you? Do you get headpain too?

Yep. I have near-constant headaches - mild, but almost always there. I do get “real” migraines too, but the trigger diet has helped me insanely much when it comes to the classic migraines.

Headaches for me, too. Sometimes severe enough to bring tears to my eyes, other times just annoying tightness.

I have hardly any pain. Occasionally, especially in cold damp weather, I’ll have a right-sided headachey feeling. Once in awhile I’ll wake up with a jab in my eye. Last year, I would have a full blow headache once a month. But I never have a full-blown headache anymore.

I wonder why it feels like the eye jab thing… That’s where I get pain the most often, behind my left eye.

yea, it feels like someone is poking a sharp stick in my eye

I used to get headaches off and on throughout the day, almost every day before I started the meds. With each med I experienced one constant headache that never left. I eventually started taking Klonopin, and the constant headache went away. Now, I get a headache about twice a week.

I have tightness above the roof of my mouth. If I am lucky, it just stays there. I have had days/weeks/months of headaches. . Some of the headaches were behind my right eye but I seem to remember that with sinus infections that were on the left side. I had alot of inflammation and that would but pressure on the eye. Ice packs helped that feeling, heat helped move mucus.
I would probably be lost if I didn’t have this constant annoying companion.
Sort of like " so THIS is the dining room " if anyone remembers that silly commercial.

My “headaches” are mostly a sensation of tension in my forehead rather than actual pain. The tension can get really acute though, to the place that it is often bording on a sensation of pain. When I get like this I really need to lay down and sleep. It amazing, even a 10 or 15 minute nap can dramatically improve this feeling. High intensity cardio exercise helps a lot too. As you’d expect I usually feel pretty good first thing in the morning, but the tension almost always developes to some degree as the day progresses. Sometimes by the time I get off work at 4 or 5 in the afternoon all I can do is go home and crash on the couch.


I intermittently get headaches - although it’s no so much a headache as face pain. My migraine is in the sinus area of my face, sometimes in to my jaw and even my gums/teeth. Fortunately it isn’t too often but I did have one recently that went on for a week - amazingly a cranial osteopath managed to stop it completely. I was sceptical and still am but there’s no denying that I was in pain unremittingly before I went in and free of pain when I walked out. I was delighted.


I had unremitting migraine headaches daily all accross the back of my head, the top of my head and sometimes like a spike in my eyes too, when first diagnosed for months, mostly in the evening and lay in bed with a heat bag over every part I could possibly cover (I found the heat bag better, or a hot shower). With medication, that slowly dissipated over the past 2 years where I would get a migraine about once a month lasting about 5 days. Since my last neuros appt about 4 mths, I haven’t had a single migraine so it must be the meds are doin their job there. I sometimes feel as though I’m on the verge of a migraine, but so far, it hasn’t eventuated. :slight_smile:
regards Judy


I hardly ever get painful headaches…only on occasion and are generally stress related or if i skipped a meal. My form of headache feels mostly like built up Tension and is throughout my head…but more noticeable on the right temple side. Plus …i feel a mild throbbing like sensation in my head mixed in with the tension. The tension and throbbing…i believe creates the rocking like motion.


I know I posted this in a previous thread, but let me re-post it here, Hain explains that the pain is allodynia - a painful response to a usually non-painful stimulus caused by vasodilation and sensitization in the trigeminal circuit.

He has posted his power point slides on his website, if you’re interested in knowing more about how he views migraine and how he treats it.


I seem to go through pain cycles. But I never have dizziness and a headache at the same time. Another thing I get are cycles of pain everywhere. Joints ache, neck pain, feel uneasy, really tired – and it’s happening all this week. Funny how since the dizziness died last, and now this started again. I’ll take the pain over the dizziness though.

Cheers … Scott 8)

Hi Anette,
I don’t get migraine pain,normally.
right sided shooting head electric shock type,
right sided Needle stick jabs in my eyeball,
right side Temple tightness,
right sided Needle stick jabs in my ear.
right sided Movement and tightness within my scull.
Maybe twice a year full-blown mig that sends me to the ER. with uncontrolable Vomiting (right sided)
but that hasnt happend in 3 years.

I was getting headaches almost daily since the MAV symptoms started, but it wasn’t the knock me down kind of pain I used to get with the “traditional” migraines I had when I was in my twenties. When I started taking Verapamil, the pain got a little worse, but now the Topamax has pretty much eliminated the headache pain. That is the only symptom it has releaved so far. I do still have a constant feeling of pressing around my head and face.

Every day:

Neck pain and neck so stiff I can barely move it side to side, radiates at base of skull and up behind ears.
(Mastoid bones) Damn ground bouncing up and down and the atlantic ocean moving through my skull.
I pound Xanax, like today, to get it to ease up. Symptoms were so bad in the grocery store today, I started crying.
Damn anxiety went through the roof. Some little kid started screaming and I almost lost control. The more he screamed, the worse my symptoms!
Then I get this weird pressure going up the left side of my head around
the back and top of my ear. I’m getting it right now because I’'m on the puter with these blasted glasses that I call the vertigo glasses.

Anyone have a gun I can borrow? :shock:


No sorry Heather the damn government stole all our guns , we arent allowed to have them in oz.
my husband said it’s probably a good thing , as My PMS isnt a good time.

I do. For the first 6 years I did not, only the dizziness, ect. But now I get them and some times it can accompany the dizziness or sometimes I just get the headache.

Got one right now - dull ache, head feels like a bowling ball. Too much stress during the last few days, plus probably hormones. My son & husb got in a big fight & my son ended up moving out. He’ll be 21 in September so I know it was time, but why couldn’t it have happened in a more peaceful manner?! Without all the yelling & shoving & crying… Sorry, off topic.
My headache may simply be from the candy bar I ate last night or it might be barometric (storms moving through & cold front).

Do you guys take anything for headaches - like Tylenol, Advil, etc.?