How many of you have had a head/neck injury?

So, my mom found my health records from when I was a child and would you believe that when I was 10-years-old and having dizzy spells, the Doctor believed I had possible migraine associated vertigo?! I am now 30 years old so that was 20 years ago! I have officially been living in this hell for 20 years! Well, it really didn’t get bad until the last 10 months. Anyway, my mom also told me when I was 14 months old, I took a nasty spill out of my high chair and onto the tile floor, had a concussion, etc. I’m wondering if this injury might have been what set this off.

Did you have a head/neck injury??

I got my first episode of room spinning vertigo in July of last year, but in the previous six month I had a terrible neck pain. The history of it was kind of funny: I always slept without any pillows at all, and no blanket most of the time. But I had a head cold and didn’t want to drip backwards, so I asked my wife for a pillow and she gave me one of those memory foam pillows that was very hard. I woke up with a ‘wry neck’ that I could barely move for weeks. I believe it aggravated a whiplash injury I had suffered about 10 years earlier when I was rear-ended and my Acura Integra was totaled by a minivan. So I was walking around with very bad neck pain for months, and then bam, I got the vertigo. I always wondered if there was a connection. However, when I asked the doctor about it, he said that I had it reversed, that vertigo causes neck problems, not the other way around. This is because people with vertigo hold their neck a certain way to give themselves relief from vertigo. Hmm.

I don’t have a 100% MAV diagnosis yet, just a “probable MAV” But I have had neck issues since I was 18 (about 30 years) The neck issues started with a whip lash from an accident, they have been chronic but intermittent my whole life since then, and flare up once a year or so.

I started having problems that might be related in my early 40s, and clear MAV in my late 50s. I had a brain concussion when I was a bit under 5 years old. Also ruptured cervical discs in a MC accident in my early 40s.