How many of you have never?

How many of you have never had a migraine headache? The only symptom I’ve had is the dizziness. I find it intriguing that I could have MAV without every experiencing a migraine headache. I’ve heard from different sources that headaches are not required in order to be diagnosed with MAV. I’m just curious to see your responses to this.

Never ! Me too. No headaches at all.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever had “real migraines” or not. I used to get quite severe, disabling headaches that would last 4-6 days, I would call them my “sick headaches.” My PCP said they *definitely are not *migraines, a neurologist said they definitely are migraines. I was never sure because they were not one sided and I wasn’t light sensitive during them. However, they were very unique feeling and for the 4-6 days I had them I was pretty much unable to do anything other than what had to be done. I had my first one when I was about 8-9 and mabye 15ish during the the next 40 years. Fortunately, they were rare. Haven’t had any for about 6-8 years.

That’s what I hear also, you don’t have to have a migraine to be diagnosed with MAV but it does help to firm up the diagnosis if you have a history. Do you have a family history at all of migraines?

I am 99% confident I have never had a migraine headache. I get headaches occasionally but then so do most people and mine are not debilitating. Also I have REALLY bad TMJ so it could be that. The most headache-like thing I get with migraine is the after effect (I get classic migraine - visual aura)- several hours (or overnight) of feeling really hung over, with a heavy, tender head.


No true migraine headaches here either. Mine are all referred pain from the neck when they strike. Never had a pulsing one-sided typical migraine. S

I used to get very bad headaches def migraine , I do still get migraine once or twice a month and do have to rest when I get them my head just thumps and I get visual auras on occasions.
Ive never gone a day without some sort of head pain in 6 months though now but I wouldnt say its migraine dont know why though .

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I used to get very bad headaches def migraine , I do still get migraine once or twice a month and do have to rest when I get them my head just thumps and I get visual auras on occasions.
Ive never gone a day without some sort of head pain in 6 months though now but I wouldnt say its migraine dont know why though .

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I get the pulsating one sided ones and they are agony!! Im hoping they stop with the nori now though.

Nope, just get the dizziness. I usually just get weather-related headaches, which I can sleep off, and they are pretty rare.

I get very severe headaches, which I imagine can be migraines, as well as migraines with aura

It’s very frustrating that I had a few doctors rule out MAV because I never had a migraine headache. The medical community needs to be more aware of this, instead of assuming it’s an inner ear issue.

Bookworm, my dad has told me that his mother (who died of a brain anuerism when she was 48) suffered from migraine headaches. She’s the only one I really know of. No one in my immediate family has every had one.

With me, I get both - sometimes separately, sometimes together. If together, the dizziness always starts first, then either goes away quickly (within a few hours) or lasts days and then develops into excruciating, horrid migraine sometimes with nausea, which lasts a day or so then reverts to just dizziness. This cycle can go on for days/weeks. Sometimes I get the ‘behind one eye’ type of migraine - but this is usually without the dizziness. The two different types of migraine seem to me to be qualititively different. I much prefer the nice, solid dealable-with pain of migraine on its own than when accompanied by vertigo and nausea.

I have never had a true Migraine headache, but did have to visual Auras, which scared me to death. Thought I was having a stroke. The second one was much more tolerable since I knew
what to expect. Took an Advil and relaxed and then it went away in 15-20 minutes. So strange to watch the light show in your vision and wonder where and why the heck it’s there? Weird!!
But one was in June, the other July, and never before or since. I was under a lot of stress at that time (worrying incessently about my health) and that could have triggered it. Dr. Hain said
he wouldn’t have believed MAV necessarily, but once I told him of the Auras, he said, "Yeah, you do have the workings for Migraine)…bummer.

Yeah i think stress can cause them , I got a few after the birth of my son though which is quite common I think hormones and stuff. I am worried about what santana said about a brain hamerrouge I know this sounds stupid but I always think something brain related will kill me.


I have never had a quote unquote Migraine Headache. I get the run of the mill headache on occasion usually caused by stress or if I skip a meal. When I do have a headache it’s nearly always on the right side of my head near the temple. My constant annoying symptoms is this continous compressed, squeeze-like tension in my head. Along with that I also experience motion. With a small amount of medication it helps to scale down the tension and motion but still not enough for me to return to full-time work.


I only wish I could say yes to your question. For the past couple of years I am rarely without a headache. In fact, I have an ice pack on my head while I type this. I am actually considering Botox to relieve the headaches since I have already done five nerve blocks without success.


My understanding is that while rare, you can have MAV and never have had a migraine headache.

However, many of us who have headaches now or in the past have misdiagnosed our own headaches - “it’s just sinus” or just a tension headache or whatever. We think that if it’s not severe, or if it’s not pulsating, or if it’s not one-sided, or if it’s not disabling, it can’t be migraine. We were wrong!

It turns out that MOST people who think they are having sinus headaches are actually having migraines, according to my neurologist. He explained that if I ever had a sinus infection (I have), and experienced THAT kind of headache (my sinuses were filled so that it was like a solid brick in there, and the bones in my face hurt to the touch), then I would know what a real sinus headache felt like. He said most people self-diagnosing sinus headaches are actually migraineurs (“it hurts behind my eyes” - “my forehead hurts”).

Many primary care physicians aren’t up on the latest thinking about this - migraine headaches are most often one-sided, but not always! Most often pulsating, but not always! Etc.