How much Xanax/Valium do people take?

Hello all…me again :slight_smile:

As I continue to tweak my diet and titrate my medication dosage, another question / idea has popped into my walnut sized brain:

For the past 3 + years, I have taken Xanax (.5 mg) 3 or 4 times a day.

It has been the ONLY thing that I have found that I have noticed any sort of changes in terms of temporarily feeling better. That being said, it does not work everytime and it is short lasting…but it did seem to offer me some relief. (sometimes)

Whether it was a placebo and I tricked myself into feeling better, who knows?

That being said, my physician (Dr. Baloh) seems to think that taking this much Xanax has not allowed my brain to ever receive the “true” signals …thus not allowing it to ever fully compensate and re-callibrate itself. He thinks this “dulled” state of brain activity masked your true brain activity, thus halting recovery. I am trying to wean off of the stuff…very very difficult. I am halving the meds and will slowly get there. (cannot go cold turkey :? )

Just trying to get anyone’s input on this and see if his thought process jives with what they have heard?

Does my .5 mg at 4 x per day seem high compared to what others are using? Thoughts?

Thanks! :smiley:

Hey Todd, I only take .25 mg daily but it is EVERY day so I may be having the same problem as you!

I dont take Xanax but I do take 0.25mg of Clonazepam three times a day. My doctor is OK with that as it helps me function at work


I have never taken more than 5mg (or .5mg - can’t remember - whichever is the lowest available dose) of Xanax and have felt pretty zonked on it. So that amount four times per day sounds like a fair hit to me, but then, you are a ‘well nourished’ mountain of a man so can probably handle more :wink: .

The experience on this forum is overwhelmingly that benzos are very effective for the vertigo and/or anxiety associated with migraine. Most doctors who understand migraine also know this.

Xanax has a short half life, Valium a bit longer and Klonopin even more. It makes intuitive sense that if you are dealing with chronice/extended symptoms you would want a longer acting benzo.

I am interested in Baloh’s comments that prolonged use of Xanax is ‘tricking’ your brain and not allowing it to compensate. I thought many docs were OK with their patients using small doses of benzos over the long term to suppress those symptoms.

I only take benzos ‘as needed’ and very small amounts suffice. During the day time 2.5 mg of Valium (half the smallest available dose) is sufficient and if needed at night time I’ll take 5mg.

Hope that helps rather than confuses.


Todd –

Interesting comments from Baloh. He may be concerned that post gent injection, you could still do somewhat better in the compensation department. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that continuous use of benzos will screw up or leave compensation incomplete.

You might consider swapping over to Valium which has a longer half-life as Vic mentioned and taper down on that. It should be easier to reduce rather than the Xanax which tends to give you a treatment “spike” and then drops you flat on your face once quickly out of the system. Valium lingers and will let you down much more gently.

The Celexa should be able to take care of any anxiety without any need for a benzo. While I was on CIpramil (same as Celexa), I rarely needed a Valium hit. Once a month maybe or less.


Todd - You mentioned you are “halving” your Xanax. I’m guessing that Baloh didn’t give you that schedule for tapering, did he? That sounds a little too rapid to me. In my opinion, you shouldn’t even consider trying cold turkey with the amount of Xanax you’re used to - that might actually put you in the hospital! I would suggest that you contact Baloh or the prescribing doc (who gave you Xanax) for a more gradual weaning schedule, even if you think you may know a good one. You’re on a new brain med (Celexa) and coming down off another (Xanax) and you have MAV - you need to be gentle with yourself!

— Begin quote from “Victoria”

I only take benzos ‘as needed’ and very small amounts suffice. During the day time 2.5 mg of Valium (half the smallest available dose) is sufficient and if needed at night time I’ll take 5mg.

— End quote

nyah nyah ne nyah nyah - my valium is smaller than your valium - mine are 2mg tabs. Would you believe I actually took one? (I knew you would be proud :smiley:

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Hey Todd,

I have been dealing with MAV for 18 years. Xanax has also been the only medication that has given me some relief. For many years I was taking 7 tabs 0.5 mg per day…and i would have to take lots of naps but it decreased the vertigo attacks for me. During the last decade i’ve been weaning down on this prescription drug but very, very slowly. I am currently taking only 1/4 to 1/2 tab daily…but on stressful days i will take one tab. I hope to be off this med by the end of the year. But please purchase a pill cutter…go very slowly. It takes time to wean down. Or switch to Klonopin…this med stays in your system longer.