How quickly can I switch?

I was hoping someone here might know the answer to this as I forgot to ask my GP. I have been taking a really low dose of topiramate for just 7 days but I want to switch to another anticonvulsant which I have been prescribed and just collected (Ethosuximide). My question is do I need to have a break between the two or can I just change from one to the other? Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer to this.

I am taking it for dizziness, not seizures.

I think you need to discuss it with your doctor because topiramate takes 9 days to completely leave the system I believe so mixing the two may not be a good idea. I could be wrong because you have only been taking a small dose but if it were me I would check with the doctor.

Hi there. Thanks for your reply. On reflection, my doctor did tell me to let him know Tuesday if the Ethosuximide was ok (to go on my repeat prescription) so I guess he expected me to start it pretty much as soon as I got it. I did a drug interaction check and it doesn’t appear to interact with topiramate so I think I will try it tonight, as I don’t have work in the morning!!

I tolerated the topiramate better this time, I didn’t have usual ear fullness and blocked feeling but I did still have ear pain on and off all week. Is it still working well for you?

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I hope it works well for you Sara. I am glad you could start it straight away too. As for me, yes topiramate is definitely the right one I am delighted to say. I do still get changes in ear pressure more often but I can handle that as everything else is so much better. My dog is worn out with all the extra adventures we are having, I even tried to teach her to play football! She walked away in disgust but I thought it was funny and I didn’t fall over which is a first when attempting such things. So let’s hope you have equal success with your new med, I do hope so.

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Thank you Margaret. I bet your dog is sleeping well these days :sleeping: I am glad to hear you are still doing so well. It must be so nice to be able to do things again that you haven’t been able to. Despite the problems I had previously had with Topiramate I know it can help. If for any reason I don’t get on with this med I may well go back to it again at the same low dose in conjunction with Propranolol again. I just don’t want to have to live with earache.

Have you (or anyone reading this) had any earache or hearing sensitivity from Topiramate? I am asking because I would like to know if it wears off or persists?

Enjoy your adventures and the football training :slight_smile:

Thank you Sara. Yes Star is a very tired :dog2:, but happy too.

I do get odd earache but I can’t say whether it is due to topiramate or not because I think I had it sporadically before. It isn’t bad, just annoying and so far at least, very short lived. Just a couple of minutes and it is gone. I also have sjogrens syndrome which alters my voice sometimes and the two things seem to happen at the same time so I really don’t know what causes what. Sorry, that isn’t much help at all. Hopefully someone else can be more helpful

I hope you are feeling better and ok about going back to work tomorrow.

Thanks for the info, it is helpful to hear about someone elses experience. I just wrote a post moaning about the new med and about topiramate ear pain etc, then deleted it because I am not giving up yet! And I would rather end the day on a happier note. So …I hope you (and everyone else) had a good Easter break.

PS Star is a cute name for a dog. :slight_smile: