How to help my friend?

I’m sorry if there’s already such topic on the forum, I’m new here :wink: I have a friend who suffers from terrible migraines and MAVs. During her last attack she was at my home (she’s often visiting me), and since then I wonder how can I help her during next attacks. Can I do anything for her?
Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:
PS I dont suffer from migraines myself.

Depending on the severity, a dark quiet place with little or no motion during a migraine. Helping your friend prevent an attack or migraine gets very complicated. Telling your friend that you want to understand, and asking questions on how to help can go a very long ways as well.

okay, thank u :slight_smile:

I just want to say that it takes a really special friend to reach out like this to find out how to be helpful. She’s lucky to have you, even if she’s unlucky to have migraine.


oh thank u very much :slight_smile:


Hi Annie,

You’re a great friend to be researching this and educating yourself on migraine for your friennd’s sake. I would think the best thing you can do is to read up on it all here on the site to get a feel for what it’s like. I don’t think anyone who has not experienced this can ever really fully get it but you can certainly get a feel for it by reading stories here and posted articles from the science literature.

Feel free to ask any Qs about this. Maybe you can start by making sure your friend has made a solid effort to eliminate known migraine triggers. That will usually make a very big impact in quality of life within days.

Best … Scott :slight_smile:

People… thank u so much 4 all the nice words… :wink: