How variable is your Visual Vertigo?

Most of the time I can’t go into my local supermarket without really awful Visual Vertigo. But every now and then (perhaps 10 percent of the time) I go in the same supermarket and find that I’m not so badly affected.

It seems that my Visual Vertigo varies a lot. I seem to be at my best in the morning. Immediately after a brisk walk is also a good time to try the supermarket and I guess that’s because the walk increases blood flow to the brain.

I have this suspicion that the rear part of my brain where balance and vision is processed is not getting enough blood. I get strange pains in my upper chest and I wonder if that’s where a restriction in blood flow is occurring. My cardiologist says that an MR angiogram shows the blood vessels are ok but I wonder if the reduced blood flow is intermittent.

To help me understand my symptoms better I would be interested to know how much variation in Visual Vertigo other people here experience.



Mine varies in the supermarket also. I always have it right now when I ride in the car and also was having it when I tried to drive. I haven’t driven since August because of it. I also got it when I put a very graphic tablecloth on my table and can’t use that tablecloth any longer.


Hi Wexan,
You’re right - I think the visual vertigo varies depending on how tired I am so shop in the am. Supermarkets used to be awful but can manage that OK especially holding onto a trolley! Smaller shops, like a chemist, are more difficult - esp. when having to bend down to find items. I usually kneel & hang onto something! Clothes/shoes shopping is just a nightmare - trying to select something & looking down at price tags, etc. sends me right off and I usually just give up! It’s taken me over 6 months to use the computer & have to ration my time on this. Still get motion sick/vertigo when passenger in a car. Can now drive myself but only do local trips as I get exhausted and panicky on longer journeys. It’s just so supportive to know that other people are experiencing these weird things as ‘normal’ people just don’t get it!!

Hi Wexan…mine varies everywhere. Supermarkets are off limits altogether. I find the small stores a little easier to handle, although now I shop online and my husband does the food shopping. He’s getting good at it too!
I miss shopping. The flourescent lights at work are another variable trigger, some days I have to wear my sunglasses and limit my time at the computer and other days it’s almost ok. I didn’t go to the office holiday party can’ handle large social situations…too much stimulation. I am very anti social now and most people even most of my family have a hard time understanding.


Mine totally depends on how relaxed I am both mentally and physically. Real mental stress will send me right off the rails. Last time that happened was when I was waiting to start my new job. The nerves set this off so badly it was pure hell.

But then I simmered down and now it takes quite a bit to set it off. New computer screens will almost always do it but it doesn’t last long whereas stress can kick off extended episodes.



My visual vertigo is always present… but it varies according to how off balance I feel.

I too measure it based on how I feel in the same supermarket… Some days I am fine to wonder aroun dit for a whole hour… then a few days later I can barely stand up in it… It frustrates me so much as I just don’t understand it. And I want to grab all the ‘normal’ people and shout and scream at them for not appreciating how wonderful it is to be able to walk around Tescos normally.

All of the time, my vision feels like it’s too strong. Everything feels too bright and like there’s too much to take in.

When things are worse, my head feels swimmy and I just can’t process things in front of my eyes.

Sucks. But I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this x