Hows everyone doing today?

Just thought I would ask.

Me? I’m still battling over the flu. I have to head-wait at work tonight and I am DREADING it. I already feel like I am on a rocking boat 24/7 since I got the flu but now I get to work until 2 am! YAYAYAY!

I would call in but it is one of our busiest days of the year and if I call in I will likely get fired.

So think of me @ 2am.


[size=18]color=green]hello and Happy New Year,

Today, had to call AAA regarding flat tire. The AAA guy arrived finally and it took a while to have tire inflated. I felt nervous while waiting and uncomfortable dealing with a stranger and this made me feel off balance and rocky and I said, “Oh, well------what else is new?”

The noise at tire place was hard on me. :roll: Buzzzzzz—zilt! And so on. And I never saw so many people lined up for car washes!

I walked to bus stop and crowded bus home. I got last seat available! Weather ok.

That is my story and I am sticking with it.

:o Raven[/size]

Sorry to hear your day was so crappy!

I know how you feel about the noise. I work as a server and our kitchen is so daang loud! Plates clattering everyone shouting. I never noticed all this before I got sick. It’s crazy!


i read your message. thanks. :lol: