I am so sure I have MAV but


I got so much advice and help from this board when I was trying to get a diagnosis a few months ago, so I hope I can ask your opinions on what I am going through.

I had all the symptoms of MAV, dizziness, lightheaded, tinnitus, stiff neck, blocked ears etc and went through lots of tests as the dr was thinking MS. I had multiple MRIs done, and I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, and was told that was what was causing all my symptoms.

Saw the neurosurgeon who said that he would not need to operate as my symptoms were mild, but I would be monitored.

Now, I’m not disputing that I have the Chiari, it was there on the MRI as plain as day, the report called it ‘significant’
BUT, I dont have the obvious Chiari symptoms. I have MAV symptoms (the Heal your Headache book described me perfectly!)

Does anyone have any knowledge of this? I am still thinking that the Chiari may be an incidental finding?? Also, because no-one thinks I have migraine, I am not on any medication, I have just been told I will be dizzy forever!

Any advice would be appreciated


I would not think one would omit the other. It certainly couldn’t hurt to try a preventative and see if you get some benefit? I never had a headache in my life, and it wasn’t until I started getting dizzy at age 42 after a bout with a virus that caused Bell’s Palsy, that I started trying to figure things out. Migraine is the last thing I would have thought…It took some convincing…
Good luck!