I can hear my eyeballs move!

Hi All! I’m new here and you all have saved my life over the last 5 months of my wandering around spending the money, time, and energy trying to get a diagnosis. I now have MAV (or Vestibular Migraine, as my doc calls it), and bi-lateral hydrops. I’m on 120 Verapamil…it got me off of the couch, but adding Nori is next in the cue. Oh----I tried Zoloft and that wasn’t pretty. I had all of the tests including the infamous Hi-Res CT to look for SCD (Semicircular Superior Canal Denhiscence) because I can hear my eyeballs move in my LEFT ear. Well, wouldn’t you know it…the CT shows that my RIGHT ear may have SCD-----NOT my LEFT EAR!!! Does anyone else hear their eyeballs move? Of those who do, has SCD been ruled out in the ear that you hear your eyes moving? Why am I hearing them move (it’s 24/7) in the ear that is supposedly fine?! I know, I know…just chalk it up to another rediculous symptom!

Don’t normally hear my eyeballs move but do hear my neck move and hear my own pulse. All makes sense if you think of it in terms of central sensitivity caused by migraine - the repeated nervous system excitation caused by migraine has left your senses super sensitive, so the kind of noises such as your eyeballs moving - which would normally be filtered out as “white noise” become quite noticable. It’s the same process for the kind of long term visual disturbances that many of us experience.

Yes, it all makes sense when you think about the senselessness of it all! The doc says that sometimes because of the hydrops, any body sounds are amplified. Do you hear your neck sounds in both or one ear?