I can't take this anymore!

I am so frustrated. The ringing keeps getting louder. I wish I could turn it off. It is now more annoying than the dizzies. I want to cut my head off!!! And its frustrating after reading that most people on here never get rid of the dizzies or ringing. I can’t live this way.

Annie…while watching TV the other day i saw an ad on tv advertising some type of supplement to decrease the Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and for the sake of me i can’t remember. I don’t believe you can buy it the stores…you have to order it on tv. But you might want to ask a couple of Pharmacies just in case. Also…foods with lots of salt can increase the ringing.

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The ringing isn’t so bad if the outside noise is louder. The problem is that I work in an office and we’re not allowed radios. Its extremely quiet here. So all I hear is the buzzing overhead light and the internal ringing in my ear. Its starting to wear me down a bit. Sorry. That on top of the headache and dizzies, I am just at my wits end. I am going to start eating only fresh veggies, fruits and whole grains. We’ll see if that makes a difference. I’m not looking forward to that - cutting out everything I like. :frowning:

I keep myself surrounded with noise to cover up the @$@! tinnitus. Where I used to work at we always had electronic equipment running with lots of fans so I loved it at work. At home, there is always a radio or TV going. I absolutely require a fan for sleeping, otherwise there is no sleeping with that roar. Hope this helps a little. :slight_smile:

Could you get a doctors note that would allow you to have headphones with music at work or a least a small fan? I can not sleep without one because of the constant ticking in my left ear…

My only advice is don’t give the noise the time of day . I have tinnitus as well and sometimes it flares up. It did last night but I have now realised your brain can learn to ignore the noise and this is true. Try to never be in silence if you can help it any form of noise even at a low level will help a lot. At night get a clock that ticks or have the radio on at a very low level.
Over time you will learn to ignore the noise and your brain will start to ignore the noise. It drove me mad before; it’s very un-settling to have tinnitus but with a few tips and tricks you can overcome it.

— Begin quote from “Timeless”

Could you get a doctors note that would allow you to have headphones with music at work or a least a small fan? I can not sleep without one because of the constant ticking in my left ear…

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You can’t wear headphones at work? The cobicle farm I used to work in, everybody wore headphones so that they didn’t have to listen to everybody else’s conversations. We also had mirrors attached to our computer so that we could see if anyone was behind us wanting our attention. What I am trying to say is that I have no experience with that and don’t really know the answer. I don’t think it would hurt to ask.

I take 500 mg of magnesium twice a day and I think it helps with the tinnitus a great deal. It is cheap and worth a try. Good luck to you, tinnitus is maddening.

Hello Annie,

Just wanted to add a cheering thought which is that it isn’t true that most people on here never get rid of the dizziness or the ringing. Often people who post are those at a stage where they are symptomatic, or alternatively new to the condition. Some people come on here, then get better with the right drugs and don’t visit much or indeed ever anymore. I know someone off the board who used to be very, very ill with this and is now barely troubled by it having found a successful drug, she no longer posts . Sometimes when people hit that stage they understandably just want to move on and forget about it. Don’t despair, it is possible to manage this condition. I go through stages of being symptomatic and long stages of being a lot better. I have had horribly loud ringing in my ears for weeks, since increasing my drugs it has subsided somewhat in the last couple of days. I’m sure it will still be up and down but at least it’s giving me a break. There is hope.

And Blondie is right, you can get used to the tinnitus. It’s hard to acclimatize to it, I have been having a tough time the last few weeks, but it is possible for the brain to adapt and get used to it over time. Even if it stays the same your feelings about it won’t. I know people who were ready to rip their head off when it started who are pretty untroubled by it now. I know it’s hard to believe but it happens.


I just wanted to add something to what Hannah said.

For women, migraines are “typically” (not always) related to the female hormone cycle. I am a guy and don’t even want to try to admit anything beyond awareness of this subjuct, but migraines/MAV will typicall run in cycles. As a worse case scenario, migraines/MAV will typically go away with menapause. From listening to women on this board and work and other places, most women who experience problems with migraines, only experience it for a few years at most. Yes, there are the more extreme cases that get to wait until menapause, but there is hope.

Hannah is correct about the fact that most people that post on these forums quit posting when they get things back under control so you never hear from them. You only hear from the people that are currently symptomatic, so it appears that things never get better. There are very few people who remember the frustration of the symptoms and try to help support those that are currently symptomatic. Trust me, there is hope that things will get better. :slight_smile: