I can't understand what's happening to me

I Feel awful and can get no answers from doctors many of which say its in my mind and presribe me diazipam! I feel light headed, sick with visual disturbances, sometimes with a headache sometimes not, I cant understand whats happening to me, it really is ruining my life, after reading some of the stories on here It sounds like me, feeling walking to one side, dizzy, sickness and no real answers, People think im going mad, Iv been prescibed stemitil now which has little affect or so I thought, I was told to come off it a few days ago and now im right back where I started, sick feeling, dizzy, someone please help me understand what is happening to me x

I too found it crazy-making to be suddenly sick in a way I’d never experienced, and no useful diagnosis.

The one thing I didn’t get, thankfully, was “It’s all in yer head.” That sounds bloody counterproductive, and I hope to hell it’s your shorthand for what you understood the docs to be telling you, rather than a literal quote. If something’s in my head, hokay, why is it happening, and what do we do about it?

This said, my head affects how I respond, so “Don’t let it get you down” has been an important part of taking care of myself. That’s meant a few things:

Not bullshitting people but letting them know I was (and remain sometimes) limited;
Also letting them know what I think I can do, rather than just what I don’t think I can;
Not avoiding taking on projects out of self-distrust;
Getting what exercise I can, because it keeps me healthier, and keeps my spirits higher;
Continuing to look for answers;
Backing off rather than trying to plow on through by an effort of will, when I notice myself getting more and more clumsy and fuzzy-headed;
Visual balancing exercises (VRT) when my head isn’t quite right;
Sleeping pills when it gets late enough that I’m heading toward insomnia for the next day;

and like that.


You may need to consult with a neurologist or neurotologist. You symptoms sound a lot like MAV. Where do you live? There are several doctors here in the US who treat MAV patients. I’m being treated by Dr. Timothy Hain in Chicago. He offers phone consults if you are not in the area.

I can understand how horrible you must feel. The first thing to do is to find a doctor who is knowledgeable. I’ve had a good experience so far with Dr. Hain. I’m sure others can provide recommendations for other physicians depending on where you live.