I emailed Hain about Effexor side effects

Hi all –

I am on day 5 of Effexor. I have had some unpleasant side effects…dry heaving, nausea, fatigue, very anxious/jittery, headache, dizzier. I layed in bed for two hours this morning shaking inside. I want to be well so badly. I cried to my dad this morning. He reassures me that I will be okay again. I am suffering so much. I don’t think I am strong enough to get through this again. I am not like all of you. I don’t deal well with mav. My kids are wanting to go out and do things. I can’t and I feel so guilty. I have been just renting movies.

Anyways, I emailed Hain. He said to cut back to 1/4 of a pill. He said I must be a good metabolizer of this med and that it shouldn’t take much to work hopefully. It will take a month to tell he says. He said the jittery feeling is the adrenaline from the ssri. He said it should let up in a week.

Ugh, I have to give this med a chance. I am trying. I feel so emotional today. I would give anything to be well again.

Losing hope -



You’re not weak by any means. This is a very difficult illness to contend with, even for the strongest of people. I have a tremendously difficult time coping on a daily basis. There is not one day that I am not feeling hopeless and severely depressed. This is a cruel illness. You, though, will get through. you’ve gotten better before and you will again. Please try to hang in, and don’t beat yourself up about how you are managing. You are a strong woman, who unfortunately has to deal with a very difficult illness right now. You’ll get better again, and hopefully your body will adjust to the medication. I, too, am very med sensitive so I can entirely relate.


Hang on Nance. As Lisa said, MAV is a cruel illness. Most of here have found that we are very med sensitive and have to start at very small doses. I started nortriptyline (known for its sedative effects) 3 weeks ago and am having a terrible time with insomnia so I’ve cut back to one pill every other day. I’m hoping that the fact that I have such side effects on such a small dose means I will also, soon, have good efffects on such a small dose.

You are doing the best you can. Please don’t kick yourself and feel guilty over this. Your kids will be okay; this will not ruin them. They are stronger than you think. And you, also, will feel better one of these days.

Hi Nance,

Is it giving you insomnia as well? Are you sleeping OK?


Christine -

I actually slept okay on the effexor but would awake early feeling “charged”. Didn’t like that feeling at all.