I feel worse again

Hello Everyone,

I’m feeling worse again. After being on Celexa 40 mg for 8 months and feeling 50% I was struck with a horrible vertigo attack today… Just turning my head is bad…I’m on my period and it’s allergy season, but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it…
I’m so scared and sad about this…I don’t understand why it changed all of a sudden…I don’t understand… Any thoughs anyone???

Emma :frowning:

I’m sorry you are going through this. I truly don’t think 50% is a good enough result, but maybe I"m expecting too much? THe one thing I think we can all agree on is there are no
contants with this stuff. THe hopeful point is that if something can come on suddenly, maybe it can go away suddenly? Especially if you can keep your emotions in check and not get too
stressed out. Easier said than done. Be in “flow” with your body, and try to relax and know that none of this lasts forever…it ebbs and flows…maybe after your period it will get better?
Sorry I don’t have a magic pill for all of us…but hang in there and let things “cool” down…it could be just a passing thing…
GOod luck!

Hi Emma,
I am really sorry to hear about this setback… How long did the vertigo attack last? Was the room spinning? Did you get nauseous? Have you ever had anything like this before?
Hang in,


Yes, I got a sensation of vertigo like the room was spinning. I felt better sitting up and felt worse lying down…Any time I bend over or turn my head I feel it…It’s very confusing…I did not feel nauseous. Yes, I got this the first time I got sick…and a couple of other times…
How are you feeling Lisa?
Thanks Kelley for your support:)


Hi Emma,
It sounds like a VN type of attack. When my MAV first started I had a similar attack. The first time it lasted for almost a day and the second one happened two weeks later and lasted shorter. I suppose at this point, the best you can do is just treat it symptomatically with vestibular suppressants such as meclizine or valium (just short term) to try to calm things down.
Please keep us posted. It might take you some time to get back to baseline.
I am hanging in. Not doing so well, but thank you for asking.
All the best,

I get this and its dis-heartning I woke up to vertigo this morning aswell . I go through mini relapses and remissions and the more I stress and focus and the relapse the harder it is to get back into remission.
Even when my symptoms go into remission there still there but in the back ground but when I relapse there back to the front again.
Im having a relapse which has lasted a week Im trying so hard to get into remission but I know it will just do it when it wants . Im trying not to stress at the moment easier said than done I know.
But just chill out and wait it out see what happens but I dont think feeling 50% better is good enough anyway , maybe thats not the right med for you just a thought .
Good luck xx

Hi Em,

After our chat today I think there’s a large chance you’ve had a BPPV attack. Remember, in migraineurs, the incidence of idiopathic (unknown cause) BPPV is 3X higher than in any other group. Use the Modified Epley Procedure (MEP) to clean it up. Here’s the video (shows the MEP for the right ear) and paper to read with it. You’ll return to baseline within a week I think.

[size=130]Self-treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo[/size]



Scott :slight_smile:

Blondie: I don’t know your age but I am now 52. My MAV started at 49 and if I really think back I probably have had very light attacks for years. But anyway my point it my MAV is definitely triggered by hormones. My status can change many times during the same day. So try to stay calm and know that things will change again (hopefully for the good) very soon as your hormones readjust for your time of the month.
Hang in there.


Hi Joanmac
Ive had this on/off for about 8 years Im 23 and dread to think of how I will be when Im older but my ENT thinks it will get better as I get older heres to hoping lol!
But I got worse in september when I awoke to vertigo possibly caused by an inner ear issue who knows.
Regards to BBPV I spoke to my ENT about this as I cant roll over at all without going dizzy somedays worse than others. He says its not BBPV its something to do with the brain as I have been tested many times with no positive nystagmas I dont think its always BBPV he said its the brain sensitivty to movement , whatever that means!
Im not saying its not BBPV but I havent got that and I still go dizzy when I roll over but try the epley Emma and see what happens . I cant wait to go to london next week for the testing so i can come back and tell you all whats wrong with my F****d up head! :lol:

Hey Blondie,

Emma seemed to describe quite discreet beating of her eyes when she moved her head in certain directions that increased and then fatigued when she stopped. It sounds like it could be BPPV but your right, this crap can mimic anything. Still might be worth doing a few rounds of the MEP for two days to see if it improves anything for her.

Good luck in London next week. I hear you about having an effed up head. Those are the words I would use to describe mine! Who are you seeing again? Sorry if you mentioned this before.

Just when I thought I was handling life post Paxil and things were relatively OK, it’s all been taken away yet again. Since Monday night I’ve had anxiety taking over. It’s all just physiological stuff now (I’m not actually fretting about anything) where I have trouble sleeping, feel drained and flat, shakey as hell in the morning and shell-shocked. Dizziness feels like it’s just waiting to pounce but so far has been only light when I first get up. I just don’t know if this is part of withdrawal or my underlying new “normal” state. It feels like some sort of combo of migraine + an anxiety disorder + withdrawal. Grrrrrr :roll:


This must be catching! I’ve had a relapse too this week. I’m blaming it on the Caloric tests. Boy does my head feel well and truly effed up too! Can’t even read or watch tv much at the mo and can only manage short bursts on laptop too :slight_smile: . Phoned in sick today.

And why is it that my kids are really noisy when i have flare ups?

I just feel like hibernating for the whole duration.

Anyway best of luck Blondie at Queen Square and hang in there everyone else!


Hi Everyone,

I tried doing the maneuver and so far I feel a tiny bit better but its still not gone…I have to see what happens. My boyfriend tested me for nystagmus, and my eyes do it on both sides.

I’ll let you know if it helps. Thank you Scott for helping me out :slight_smile:


Scott - Im seeing professor Luxon a neuro-otologist for a 2/3 hours of testing not looking forward to it obviously but I’m going to push myself to get through it.
I hope to post back some news next Thursday or Friday when I’m home :slight_smile: and it’s all over because I’m not putting myself through it again. This is well and truly the last time .
I hear you on the anixous feelings. Sometimes it’s worse than the dizziness and really provokes it. I’m trying hard to control mine but sometimes you just can’t and it takes over.
I do believe I will get better one day. I was a go getter before this and (an attractive one at that) :lol: I have that hope in me and no one is taking that away not even this illness .
Emma, if you’re getting beating it does sound like BBPV but it does normally resolve by itself within a few days/weeks. I hope it does for you and I’m sure it will. Those darn crystals cause havoc!
I realised these past few weeks I hate being a car passenger as I feel everything but am fine driving.
It was sunny here yesterday and I drove blasting my music in my car and just chilling out ( oh and singing badly :smiley: ). It was wonderful as it’s the only time I feel normal in my head when I drive. Weird isnt it?
I look forward to going out in the car to get peace from it. lol

Hope you all have a dizzy free night xxx

I think people who feel better while driving might consider getting jobs as cab or bus drivers? :slight_smile:

Emma, there is a place here in Las Vegas that has a chair you sit in and it puts you through the movements to get rid of the crystals. Supposed to work like a charm. Unfortunately for me, crystals weren’t my problem. But they

have been really helpful for others I hear. Have you heard of it? I’m not sure where you live.