I found a cure for my MAV! (so far anyway)

Possible shill for NutriChem. Just be aware.

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Maybe. I have wondered that myself. Always a good idea to be wary. As I am UK based I’d have no access to it anyway but others may benefit from making further enquiries for sure. I have seen references to B6 preventing migraines and 5-HPT is serotonin related (no great chemist me) so it could well prove a possible preventative. Interestingly as the poster specifically mentions there’s no reference to it being good for treating vertigo would she have posted that on a site of this name if she wasn’t genuine? Or was that some sort of double bluff? We will probably never know as she no longer posts. Helen

I’m a New Yorker so always on the lookout :slight_smile: That’s probably why we’re the city that never sleeps. Always looking for trouble!

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Just having a read of these old posts and my god I think you really hit the nail on the head with all of this. What you describe (and the lifestyle I led pretty much throughout my whole twenties) is just a paved out path to autoimmune issues. If only I knew. Well I guess most likely I wouldn’t have listened anyway if someone had told me. After all, we were invincible when we were managing everything you describe without even getting the occasional cold!

But like you say, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime!!! I’m feeling the unfairness of it all so acutely today…


The idea of a double bluff on this forum just really made me chuckle :blush:

You may have already said, but have you had success with 5HTP? I tried it very briefly in my early twenties as someone recommended it might improve my anxiety (I was doing final university exams then), and I remember feeling quite zombified. It definitely did something anyway

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‘Fairness’ doesn’t exist in this respect. Can’t say I have been at all over sympathetic with various people recently phoning me to ‘complain’ how ill they felt and how it’s restricting their life, for a couple of days at a time. Could barely resist suggesting they might like to swop skins. I’ve been chronic with this and out of normal life for six years.

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That’s funny. 5HTP makes me jumpy. We’re all so different in our responses.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling for so long :disappointed: and I don’t mean to trivialise

In November it will be 6 years for me also, since I was struck down by the first bout of spins and remained dizzy in some form or other for about 3 years.

I hope you’re getting the support you need, I get how hard this thing is


Not to worry. I didn’t read it as you were trying to trivialise it at all. No. No offence taken whatsoever. I just made a throw away comment. It quite amuses me and makes me wonder how some peoples’ minds tick when they think to moan to me about some very minor health issues they are suffering which they will have long since forgotten by next time we speak on the phone. Just proves I suppose they have no appreciation of the ongoing affect of a condition such as we suffer. I don’t even think they are being insensitive. They just quite literally don’t have the slightest clue.

Support? None at all from the medical profession. I have a wonderful husband and this board and my own brain to try and work it out myself. High hopes I’ll get there one day.


Yes, well I guess when you have no idea what it’s like to suffer with a chronic health issue, then you have no idea!

It’s great you have a lovely husband, I’m fortunate that way too. That alone is a big thing to be thankful for! I feel like there’s a lot of stabbing around in the dark with the medical profession when it comes to a condition they don’t really understand. I’m grateful the nhs is there to fix me up if I break a leg or save my life if I have a heart attack, but this stuff we’re dealing with, I think is not their strong suit.

I know we’ve talked about this briefly before, but have you been down the functional/ nutritional/ naturopathic route yet? And what about emotional processing? I learned a lot about all these things the past few years, would be happy to discuss with you more via PM if you wanted.



I feel exactly the same Emily, in fact something I told my new therapist today!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry @springerspirit somehow I completely missed this post until now. Really do seem to be losing the plot. I blame it on the increased dose of Magnesium Glycinate. I almost need two matchsticks to open my eyes open currently. I’m so sensitive to sedation. I’ve a feeling a couple of Fishermen’s Friend cough sweets could knock me out.

No never tried 5HTP. Know very little about it but I think it affects serotonin and doubt it would be safe with my regular bucketful of Propranolol. Have never been one for vitamins/supplements. Tried black cosash and ginko at very start of menopausal hot flushes. Never bothered to finish either bottle from memory. I tried B2 at suggestion of last neuro I saw and lasted a week by which time my ears were bursting out my head and I could barely stand and that was on 100mg and she wanted me on four times that. This year been struggling with D3 as am deficient and last few weeks trying Magnesium in the hope it might help with the vasomotor symptoms exacerbated by the Vit D3. Guess you are beginning to see why I avoid …:grin:

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I wonder if it’s safe to trial with Ami, given that Amitriptyline increases serotonin anyway. Hmmm something to speak with the Neuro about. :thinking:

Definitely not safe with any antidepressants. Read Emily’s posts in the thread. And I repeat. It is dangerous stuff.

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Oh wow, you must be super sensitive to some of this stuff. I have a friend with different autoimmune issues who said that when he first had a proper hit of magnesium it actually knocked him out - very scary. So he started building up from a tiny tiny dose very gradually.

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