I know I know....Help Please

Ok all I know I have been neglecting the boards big time and Im sorry…I tend to be one that dwells and dwells…I dwelled on this illness for the better part of two years and I was in a rather bad spot…So I stopped really reading and posting and tried to focus on getting some part of my life back…My symptoms seem slightly better but not sure if that was just the natural course of things or if that was from not wallowing on here who knows…plus my daughter had kindergarten this year and I had a toddler at home…My daughter just turned 6 and my son just turned 3 all this month and if potty training my 3 year old and trying to get my daughter thru kindergarten wasnt enough we got a puppy and I am trying to housebreak him as well…plus if any of you remember i moved in with my in laws back in sept cause they were moving in Nov and leaving us the house? Well they have yet to move out so it has been WAY crazy…Anyways I need advice…

For the better part of 18 years I have wanted to go on a whale watch…My lifes passion was marine biology and my mother who has been pushing me to go out and do stuff wants to take me on one! I so want to jump at the chance but I am really terrified…Anyone with MAV tackle a boat out at sea? I so want to go but is it a bad idea? Is there only a small chance I will feel blah or am I going to be left reeling with the spins in bed for a week?? Any advice would be sooooo helpful…

Hi DD,

I think that really only you can answer this for yourself; everyone is so different. Do you normally get sea sick or other motion sickness? Maybe you could try a short boat trip as an experiment to see how you react.

Good luck - it would sure be a shame to not be able to follow up on your dream.


I have been boating (sailing trips) over the past 16 years with mav, some boats have triggered worsening symptoms and at other times not, I don’t risk boating trips unless I’m on an antiD med.
I took a 4 hour boat in Thailand , I was on zoloft at the time for mav/MDds and it didnt make my symptoms worse.
It’s a matter of trial and error sadly enough.
I’m the type of person who could become carsick, but never suffer seasickness.


I was worried about the same last year. We went to Maine for vacation. I decided to give it a try and found I wasn’t any worse on the boat. The ocean was pretty calm that day and the boat ride was short (only an hour or so) maybe that was why I did so well. It was a beautiful boat ride - in fact it was the most memorable part of the trip and I am glad I did not miss it. I think if it is something you have always wanted to do then you should figure out a way to do it and have fun, too.

Just a note of caution.

My first ever (very mild) MAV episode (diagnosed at the time as a virus but now I’m pretty sure it was MAV) happened very soon after a boat ride. I’d been to Kangaroo Island in South Australia and it’s quite a rocky, choppy ride there and back. I spent the whole time on the top deck desperately looking at the horizon to avoid sea sickness. For a couple of weeks after I still felt like I was on the boat. My theory now is that the boat ride triggered an episode of MAV.

BUT I could be completely wrong and perhaps it was a virus after all.

I’ve been on boats since with no problem (but they were big and stable).


what you experienced sounds like typical disembarkment syndrome.

Hi Michael,

Yes I agree it does sound exactly like MdDS. Other than that incidence though I’ve never had rocking/bobbing vertigo occuring after boat or any other kind of travel. And I am a migraineur. And I have now had at least three (possibly four, or five if I include the possible MdDS episode) major MAV episodes of several months’ duration.

I don’t know enough about MdDS regarding a link to migraine. Whatever the cause or diagnosis - vertigo sucks! :?


Some experts believe it is linked to migraine so. Indeed it seems common that ppl with this syndrome either have a history of migraines, or develop them once they get the condition.

Wasn’t there anything different about the other episodes and the one that sounds like MdDs? Symptomwise that is.

It seems that a lot of folks here with “certified” mav are sucseptible to semi-short episodes of mdds. no?

Dr Tusa distinguishes between mdds and what he calls pseudo-mdds; the first is triggered by motion and the second is not, but symptomwise they are the same (feeling better in passive motion like in a car is a typical thing; then again, just because someone feel better in a car, is that really limited to only one type of vertigo???).

Hi Mikael,

The first rocking episode lasted for a couple of weeks and came just after the boat trip. Was diagnosed at the time as a virus.

Second big epiosde was either optic neurtis + virus, or MAV. At the time most of the drs said migraine (MS was excluded).

Next big episode was the rocking along with agitation, terrible concentration and brain fog. Not precipitated by any travel. Diagnosed as BPPV.

Next one was not precipiated by any travel. Symptoms were rocking, brain fog, agitation, de realisation, zingy electrical feelings, general feeling of unwellness, nausea, upset stomach, fatigue etc etc. Had got better then came back full force (worse than before) about 10 days after a long flight (24 hours).

Most recent episode was not precipitated by any travel however the night before I ate a lot of cheese and drank a lot of wine. Have been doing pretty well and went to NYC about a month ago (22 hour flight). Did feel fairly ordinary while I was there (but manageable) but I was also fairly smashed by jet lag and accidentally had titrated up from 75mg of Prothiaden to 225mg for a few days then straight back down again.

So, don’t know about the travel. Maybe it’s a trigger - upsetting the balance we MAVers so need.