I made it almost a year MAV free until

I have made it almost a year MAV free until 3 AM this morning. I wanted to share this because I"ve been working real hard to beat this beast.

My last “spell” was June 2013. My symptoms are very specific. I have a few days to a week of “aura” type symptoms which can include fuzzy head feelings, slight dizziness, or sensitivity to environments, or maybe a low grade headache. I have been able to keep the big bang away by tuning into these early signs and using 800 mg ibuprofen and/or 1/2 klonopin to calm things down. If it does hit, the vertigo can last a few minutes or linger for a entire day when the head is moved. Last summer it was so bad that I had 36 hours of vertigo followed by a 6 week migraine. That is when I saw the neuro who confirmed vestibular migraine. He gave me a protocol and I decided to not do preventative meds because at this point in my life the migraines are coming so rarely. After my son was born 6 years ago they were every month - or rather one straight two year MAV.

I live in Mobile AL and we had a massive storm system come through this week with record breaking floods. Trigger #1. I had a weekend of stressful teaching and workshop presentation . Trigger #2. I drank a glass of red wine this week . Trigger #3. The day before yesterday I rolled over in bed and “thought” I was going to trigger vertigo. It didn’t happen. Then last night at 3 AM I rolled over and the spins came violently. I was able to stop it by turning back to the other side. My husband got me 4 ibuprofens and a xanax and I somehow picked my head up to take them and went back to sleep careful not to move my head.

Woke up this morning spin free but feeling very migrainish. I’m debating on taking Zomig at this point to see if I can abort this whole process. Otherwise I usually end up with lingering symptoms that take FOREVER to subside.

Thought I would share this as I’m nursing my head back on straight this morning. Peace, Julie

Sounds like you’ve had a pretty reliable approach.
Don’t be too bummed out by “first in yea long.” Just be glad that you have it pretty nailed.

About the red wine: was it the wine in context of the work stress etc., or was this in fact the first red wine in a year?

I’ve reintroduced red wine the past maybe 2 months - just one glass with food and it hasn’t been a problem. I think the bigger trigger for this one was a massive storm system that came through. I still hate living with the “what if I wake up with vertigo anxiety.” It is a chronic condition and I know everyone else feels the same way. I have had it pretty well managed though with lifestyle and really strong self care skills in place. (sigh) the joy of the sensitive brain :slight_smile: