I need help deciding - brooding on symptoms

I am new to the forum. I have had MAV for 4 years diagnosed by Nick Silver. I have had 4 episodes with each one resolving in terms of dizziness but migraines associated with my cycles remain. I also have tinnitus all the time which came on just prior to first ep in 2010.
I’ve had very mild visual snow since a teenager.
My symptoms are bad at the moment due to taking a small dab of estrogen gel prescribed by a gynae to level out cycles. I have low oestrogen. Ive not tried it since. Tinnitus is really high and I feel my head is like a plasma ball. I was really scared I was going to have a seizure. I never had but my bro has epilepsy and no migs. He’s well controlled.
i also have high TPO antibodies but no doctor seems bothered about those. My health issues started after having a baby 10 years ago when my thyroid was overactive. Its not now but I think it is running slow altho levels say not.

i got some nory from the docs to calm my head down but not sure I should have asked for gabapentin. I dont know if its a gaba or a serotonin issue. does nory help with sleep?

My thoughts are fairly obsessed and fixed at the mo on mav. I struggle in the early part of the year with headaches and fatigue so could have a bit of SAD.
ive got better in the past at the same time as taking using riboflavin and magnesium. Im on neither at the moment but planning to start b2 again when it arrives.
Diet is dead strict although it feels like everything is giving me a headache at the moment. My pattern is dizziness with almost daily headaches. Once these start to fade the dizziness goes but there is no let up at the moment.

im really miserable as I don’t know what action to take. Im also scared of side effects as these will probably end up with me having to go off sick. I only work part time and it is a nice job with minimal stress.

I feel so frustrated not knowing what to tackle. Is it the thyroid, is it low estrogen, should I just try the neuropathic pain route and should I bother with supps although they have always worked before.

Do my symptoms sound familiar to people? Does anyone have any thoughts? Apologies for such a long post.


Unfortunately I don’t have any good solutions for your symptoms, but the first thing I would say is to get on some sort of antidepressants and find things that make you happy regularly and distract you from your symptoms, and do them. Feeling good and not worrying is really half the battle. I have similar symptoms (VS, BFEP, photophobia, floaters, palinopsia, tinnitus, tingles, twitches, tremors, etc). Anyway, get on antidepressants. It will help you have a clear head for the battle ahead.