I need some advice please

Hi everyone I was diagnosed with VM 2 years ago after having the most horrendous vertigo I was prescribed topamax for the VM and I was already on Lexapro for long term anxiety and depression. So this year we decided to maybe have our 3rd child and i need to come off topamax to do that so dr suggested Effexor as a drug that could do both basically. Well I had headaches ear fullness and general unwel feeling the whole 7 weeks I took it so she decided to should come off it and try endep. I was meant to take one every second day for 4 days then no effexor for 3 days then start endep. Well I missed the second day and then thought what the hell I’ll just kee going. Now day 5 of no effexor I feel like death warmed up and I have no want to try endep I’m terrified. I am feeling zaps in my head, extreme vertigo and disorientation, nausea there is probably more. I guess what I’m asking is will the withdrawal go away soon? Is there another treatment I could take for VM that’s safe when pregnant? And I need a little hope. I’m feeling like the worst partner and worst mum right now oh and I’m from Australia.

Hi Mum2two, I am in the same predicament. I would like to start trying for a baby this summer with my husband (it would be my first) - and I got VM 4 years ago btw. I tried meds but am doing well on St johns wort (3 pills a day), 400-800mg of magnesium a day, and 200-400mg of CoQ10. I think these are safer than meds, but I don’t think I’m supposed to take St Johns Wort ideally. Nor Feverfew which was my second choice after SJW. So, I guess I’ll try just taking magnesium and CoQ10- they both have been really helpful on their own but sometimes not enough when I’m full time working under fluorescents; maybe it’s the problem with my diet day to day I really don’t know. Some days I feel cured sometimes anxiety creeps in but I am overall doing much better. I’ll let you know if this works out ultimately. Keep me posted about your progress too please! xx

Hi liv85 thanks for your reply. So you don’t take anything for the vertigo other than natural supplements? I’m so anxious of not having anything I’ve had times where I can’t move my head without throwing up let alone look after my kids.
I didn’t have VM for either of my pregnancies my children are 8 and 5 but I did have depression/anxiety. My first pregnancy i thought I would be best without any meds and had terrible trouble bonding with my daughter and very bad post natal depression which is why I was put back on antidepressants for my second and have been since. I have never had this kind of withdrawal from anything though and surely there had to be other options? I wish you well on your journey too xx

Hi there, No I don’t take anything but supplements anymore. I do pretty well on them alone as long as I take them at high enough levels. I have had the best days when I take up to 800mg of magnesium glycinate but sometimes that triggers GI issues. So I try to stay below 600mg usually just 400mg a day. CoQ10 and SJW have also helped a lot, as has feverfew when I’m not on SJW. I’d give a high dose of magnesium a try. It definitely helps relax the nerves. xx

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Ok thanks Liv85 I’ll look into the magnesium idea I do have some tummy issues (fructose malabsorption) so will have to see how that affects me. Xx

Taking magnesium at 800mg today again really helped me. The anxiety is always worse when I have a bit of a stressful few months…it’s been very stressful this spring with wedding planning and teaching full time. :frowning: But I can’t wait for the summer! I took 400mg of mag glycinate (KAL brand) this morning at 8am and last night at the same time. (that’s it - didn’t take anything else today) Worked wonders when I was under fluorescents and I had a little GI discomfort in the morning nothing serious though. I might try to see if 600mg can cut it for me. Seems like 800 is my magic number maybe because my body is so saturated with magnesium! I really don’t know whether it’s safe to take that high a dose of mag. in pregnancy… gah! I hope so. Hope you had a good day! xx

Hi there, I saw my dr yesterday and she really wants me to try endep I’m scared out of my brain but my depression is getting a hold of me, I can’t stop crying and my anxiety is huge. Doesn’t help that I’m very anxious about my youngest starting school and having a lot of trouble settling. Also feeling anxious about getting a terrible bout of vertigo whilst not taking anything. The magnesium I think is far too high during pregnancy but I could be wrong :grimacing: It’s hard to find a happy medium.