I seem to be cured without consultant care

I have suffered with MAV since November 2015 and was cured while pregnant and breastfeeding last year. The illness cost me my job and rendered me unemployed until I started working from home. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding, my symptoms came back. Without consulting doctors, as I am awaiting results from an MRI scan, I seem to have found a cure.

  • I’m back on the combined pill which I came off in September 2015
  • I express breastmilk twice a day
  • I have cut out coffee
  • I have stopped smoking (after starting again once my baby was born)
  • I go to bed at 8.30pm until 7am (to make sure that I get enough sleep even when my baby wakes for feeds).

I have to be incredibly strict with all of these as my symptoms return if I let one slip. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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I think we need a new Category: “Success Stories and Positivity!” :slight_smile:

EDIT: DONE! Yours is the first post in the new Category!

Thats great news Louise, congrats! Long may it continue!! Annoying you have to be so strict though … (but it’s better than The Beast no doubt!)

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Thank you! It was awful not being able to look after my baby properly but we have a good support network which is why we could have him in the first place :slight_smile: I don’t mind being so strict when it means that I’m well enough to look after him by myself. I’ve had to decline invitations to family meals though!

Why is that? Did you also go on the migraine diet?

What is the combined pill that you went back to taking?

I assumed that meant a birth control pill…

The birth control can stop the misbehaving hormones causing MAV. Makes sense.

But I suspect it’s not an option for you. :slight_smile:

I will eat dog poop if there is sufficient proof it can cure MAV :slight_smile:


No, I’ve not been on a migraine diet, it’s because they book tables for 8pm and I have to go to bed by 8.30 :slight_smile:

Birth control :slight_smile:

I ate chocolate at 10am and felt really ill at 2pm for a few hours… Does chocolate affect anyone else? I may have to add it to my list

Not anymore but used to. Things fluctuate. Maybe come back to it another day.

I have 85% cocoa chocolate in my porridge every morning at moment :slight_smile:

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There are so many variables! I’ll maybe test each one over time and limit my chocolate intake for now (I did eat a lot!!)

All I’d say is: I hope you had a good time!

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Off-topic question for you, James. What exactly is in “porridge?” Is it like the oatmeal that we eat in the States?

Adding to Anna’s question what brand of chocolate do you add to the porridge? I remember you saying it is a fine chocolate

Yes, loose oatmeal soaked in milk (or substitute like water or coconut milk) and heated up. IMHO a lot nicer than ‘grits’. :).

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Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate. Incredibly good chocolate. Rarely, it’s given me migraine ‘rumbles’ but never an actual migraine.


OK. I like “porridge” better. Much more British. :slight_smile: I buy steel-cut oats, soak them in water, and then heat. I never thought of adding chocolate - I usually add cinnamon. I used to add raisins and dried cranberries until I saw that they’re potential migraine triggers.