I swear this is making me stupid!

Ever since this MAV and daily migraine started a year ago, I swear it’s made me stupid. I can’t talk right half the time, when I type I’m mixing up my words, spelling them wrong, etc. I can’t even play a game of cards without forgetting stuff. I’m 47 and easing into perimenopause so don’t know if that’s part of it or not. I just know that I’m not running on all cylinders. Does anyone else have this happening? I feel like I’m losing my mind half the time! :frowning:

yep - I’m definitely not as sharp as I use to be, and make more mistakes typing etc - I’m 41 so hoping it’s not perimenopause :smiley: . I do really notice it

you’re not alone!

People don’t realize that perimenopause can start in the 30’s…it just doesn’t usually get super noticeable until later…I have it too! I don’t know whether to blame it on the blonde hair, the peri, the meds, the MAV…or what!!
Hey, there’s strength in numbers, right?

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People don’t realize that perimenopause can start in the 30’s. Kelley

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Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine? :lol:

Multitasking is nearly impossible now, I’d rather stick my head in the oven for about 8 hours than ever have to multitask again! :lol:

But seriously the more I do things that I find bother me a bit like multitasking and forgetting words that should just come to me, I’ll do things like play a video game or a crossword puzzle to see if it makes me a little sharper in the future. It does help a little I’ve noticed.


Oh yes…i can relate. Im 52 & menopausal, but it started 10 yrs ago. Im really bad with short term memory. I will put the milk in the cupboard & the cereal in the fridge. :oops:

I haven’t been officially diagnosed with MAV, but all of my problems with dizziness and visual vertigo stuff in the car seem so to have started for me since I am started peri-menopause/menopause. I am 45 years and my gyno did say I am offically in menopause because of some tests she did.

I also have issues with forgetting stuff more and a harder time concentrating.

When my sweetie takes progesterone (part of checking the progress of menopause) she figures she’s down 15 IQ points. No MAV there,just hormones.

I can so relate to the not being able to pull up words, confusion etc. It was even worse 4 years ago before I was put on my 3 daily migraine preventatives. Gosh, it was so bad, I almost didn’t want to talk!!! I am also almost 51 and I’m sure that peri has had a role in this as well :mrgreen:


Well I went through menopause years ago without any problems. So I feel certain the forgetfulness and confusion is defnitely MAV. Or maybe I really am old and I’m just in denial of my age! No, it’ the MAV, wait, what was I saying?? Be well eveyone!

I know what you mean I’m usually so bad that I wouldn’t be able to write this message at all. I fluctuate a lot. Mostly I’m down.

Last year I persistently scored so badly on a neuro-cognitive examination that I was diagnosed with Young-Onset Alzheimer’s Dementia. They ignored my (a) visual balance problems, (b) headache like my head was exploding and (c) symptoms of severe inattention.

If you are interested, the test used on me was the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination (I am in the UK). You can get it here but it does need specialist interpretation. http://www.stvincents.ie/dynamic/File/Addenbrookes_A_SVUH_MedEl_tool.pdf


I get really stupid and confused when I have a migraine - pretty much your cognitive thinking is impaired due to migraine, which is totally awesome. I get confused when I have the onset of a headache or about 2 hours before the headache starts…fun shit I must tell ya!

Hoo boy, yeah! I remember in my late 30s already I’d be chatting with the other moms before our PTA meeting and one of us would relate an incident where she forgot something. Whoever was telling the story would INEVITABLY end with “I can’t remember ANYTHING anymore!” And, just as inevitably, all the other 30-something moms would chime in: “ME NEITHER!!”

Now (at 54), however, I have begun to seriously worry about myself. It’s not just forgetting things (although that’s bad enough–I will have only vague memories of whether something happened in the recent past, what the circumstances were, who died or moved, I forget having talked to or visited someone or done something, or only have the very faintest, unreliable memory of it even though it only happened a week or two ago).

I also MIX THINGS UP in the strangest way. The other day I replied to an e-mail about a 9:00-1:00 meeting saying, “Sure, I’ll be there, 1:00-4:00!” The same day I crossed a major intersection (at night) and drove into the oncoming-traffic lane, even though it was a familiar intersection. I mistype words that I can spell perfectly well and have to retype them three or four times before I get them right.

I cannot hold more than ONE or possibly TWO things in my head at a time. Logic, simple practical problems (such as car-transport logistics for multiple people), are beyond me, as are equations with three terms (I can grasp A < B, but not A < B < C or something like that). When talking or writing to someone, I forget essential or just-mentioned circumstances. For example, I wrote my sister-in-law saying don’t bring sweet potatoes, because Dan and Kathy always bring them, and later in the same e-mail I told her, “Now, remember, Dan and Kathy aren’t coming this year…” That is only a mildly embarrassing example; there are lots more serious ones that (oddly enough) I can’t remember right now!! (And two dozen times since then, in planning and thinking about my upcoming Thanksgiving here, I’ve thought, now, I’ll ask Dan to… before remembering he isn’t coming!–even when I KNOW something, I can’t keep it in my head, it just flies away.)

Personally, I believe migraine does incremental, cumulative damage to the brain. Otherwise, why would it cause brain lesions? And those who don’t show lesions on MRI may well have them anyway, because MRI–especially standard ones–cannot show the smallest lesions.

Either that, or I’m developing Alzheimer’s, like my mom. I think I’ve got a triple whammy against me, cognitively (middle age, migraines, family history of dementia). I do the New York Times crosswords, even the Friday and sometimes Saturday (harder) ones, always the Sunday–but it doesn’t seem to have slowed anything down! Oh well, I’m just addicted to them anyway.

All these problems DESPITE using a high dose of Strattera (an ADD med though I don’t have ADD), norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor.


“Personally, I believe migraine does incremental, cumulative damage to the brain. Otherwise, why would it cause brain lesions?”
I wouldnt worry to much about that. Many studies show that the correlation between these changes and cognitive function is very low.

Dougie: well, that sounds like good news… although you sure couldn’t prove it by me! I feel like I’m getting stupider by the week. :frowning:

Complicating this is the fact that worrying cuts down on the amount of brain available for thinking straight (or for any other purpose).

Well said, David! :slight_smile: