I’ve been having vertigo for the past few years - I didn’t know what it was

I feel like I am writing in a diary. I can show my progress and stay hopeful that this all will be behind me soon. People keep telling me that vertigo never completely goes away. I am doing well this morning. Still have the pressure inside my ears, but at least no vertigo or dizziness. I wonder if allergy meds would do any good? I’ve had bad side effects to them, and they sometimes cause even more dizziness. Are there any other remedies for the fullness in the ears?

It may depend on the aetiology.

I had it for over two years but no longer suffer from vertigo (touch wood!)

I’d recommend starting a diary in Personal Diaries :open_book: as this Topic is really just for introductions.

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@addy15 I’ve made a Diary topic for you.

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