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I want to jump rope

Hi all, does anyone here jump rope for exercise? I have tried a few times and usually end up with a headache and dizziness but I really want to do it. If I keep trying could I bring on a bad relapse that doesn’t improve? Just wondering if anyone here jumps regularly and successfully. Thanks!

Imho that sounds like too much repetitive jerking of the head. Could be wrong. Try it? And let us know.

Btw I had a really bad experience on a friends mini trampoline. Took a week to recover from that. Might be ok now.

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In my book All comes down to how much the condition is affecting the balance at the time. There must be direct correlation between many activities and current state of imbalance. I’ve always wished I’d kept a record then perhaps I could have worked it out from my own experiences over the years. Tell me Kier. Sorry not familiar with your VM history. We’re you ever without balance, ie unable to walk during attacks. Have you experienced veering off when walking, the inability to freely look around whilst walking, unable to throw or kick a ball maybe? I’ve experienced all those and more and when it comes to jumping over a skipping rope. No way even now. For years since being chronic I can’t run, jump or hop. Not even one step. Balance is not robust enough. A physiotherapist once sat me on a gym ball to assess my core strength. I couldn’t walk properly for three weeks. After a couple of minutes maximum sitting on that ball. Wild horses wouldn’t get me on a treadmill or a trumpet. An elevator possibly. It’s all indicative of the current state of imbalance.

Perhaps you just need to try doing the tiniest bit at a time and increase very gradually.

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Yes. Perhaps i will start really slow and see how that goes. Any time there is any movement I would characterize as “jarring”, I will get dizzy/somewhat off balance that can last hours. That happens even if someone just hugs me too hard or breaks hard in a moving car. So definitely jumping rope on a hard surface would fall under the “jarring” category. I used to love jumping rope as a kid. Ugh, so many things lost.

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I do it 5x week. I feel like it helps me acclimate, instill resilience. MY Pt told me to continue doing it when I inquired.


I have… rightly or wrongly, quit jogging because of head jerking up and down.

I started jogging in May 2020, got BPPV in July. Started up again in August, got BPPV and horrendous VM in October. I deduced - along with everything else I thought contributed- that jogging might be a cause.

My lifestyle and diet are now very different. Was it the cause? Probably not. But who knows.

Jumping up and down is a definite no for me.

I’m doing more strength training and walking.

Every body, ear and brain is different though. Good luck

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