I wish i could wait!

Im tempted to wait until i’m off for Christmas break to try any meds. I have so much anxiety about taking something when i have to go to work esp right now - getting involved in a couple of big projects at work and have to be there.

I know i’m gonna need to take something cuz i can’t live this way - Jenny - you make me think maybe i should try some bioidentical hormones - it just seems like most of my problems have gotten worse since peri/menopause.

I know i’m a wimp but i’m just so scared right now. I don’t know what to do.

I wish i hadn’t read so much negative stuff about antidepressants!!! i read some success stories but saw more negative ones than positive ones!!

my BF is afraid that since i’ve got all this in my head that i’ll have bad side effects almost like a placebo effect.

sorry i don’t know what to do - i’m afraid to take - i was going to start this morning!!!

i just wonder if hormones would help this anxiety i have

BioIdentical Hormones
For Anxiety and Depression

by Jeffrey Dach MD

56 year old Susan suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and had been prescribed Valium, Effexor and Wellbutrin by her primary care doctor. The drugs had adverse side effects and didn’t seem to be helping, so she stopped taking them. After further discussion, she told me that symptoms started a few years ago when her monthly cycles stopped and with the onset of menopausal hot flashes. She noticed that the anxiety and panic attack seems to precede an episode of hot flashes.

Left Image: Anxiety, Fear and Panic courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Estrogen Deficiency Causes Anxiety

We sent Susan to the lab for a hormone panel, and sure enough, Susan’s estrogen level was low. Susan’s symptoms were caused by menopausal estrogen deficiency, a finding commonly seen in the post menopausal age group. Symptoms are promptly relieved with bioidentical estradiol applied as a topical cream twice a day. Additionally, Susan’s tests revealed vitamin and mineral deficiencies which were, no doubt, aggravating the anxiety attacks.

Susan was started on her bioidentical hormone program which included estradiol and progesterone as a balanced topical cream. She was also started on vitamin B12 and Magnesium supplements. Six weeks later, Susan reported that her anxiety and panic attacks had improved and were almost gone. She also noticed better sleep and more clarity of mind, and her night sweats and hot flashes had resolved as well.

Anxiety is Associated with Hot Flashes

A study published in 2005 Menopause reported that anxiety is strongly associated with menopausal hot flashes, and usually precedes the hot flash episode. (13) Hot flashes are caused by estrogen deficiency, and are treated with bioidentical estradiol, which virtually eliminates them.(15)(16)(17)

I feel like such a freakin’ wuss!!

Chris, I have followed your posts on this site and on the Meniere’s site and I am going to try to be really delicate here and say you need to try something, anything that the doctor has given you. I know you are apprehensive but it has been months of posts saying and feeling the same way. You are spending too much time diagnosing yourself and not enough time actually treating yourself.

Last I knew you were trying them over Thanksgiving, now it is Christmas that you are talking about. Next it may be Easter. See what is happening. You are suffering needlessly.

I am exhausted for you so I can only imagine how you feel.

Please try something and stop reading all the doom and gloom out there on the internet. You have this site and the Meniere’s site with actual people who have tried these actual meds for the same symptoms you are suffering so concentrate on those posts that are most like you and do something to relieve your agony.

Take care.

I know all of you are right
i’m just a wuss right now i’ll have to do something soon i know. i just can’t take that pill today. I am tempted to try hormones to see if it will help with some anxiety - i know it won’t take the dizziness away. or i’ll just have to get brave and try the darn celexa.

sorry all for being like I am!!! :frowning: bad day here sorry


Just remmber that Celexa is not a life sentence. IF it doesnt work, then move on. You can stop it and just wean off…there are literally millions of people being helped by these meds that aren’t sitting around posting their negativity on the internet…it’s the few that it doesn’t work for that are on here searching. I was totally scared and insistent I was NOT GOING TO TAKE THOSE DRUGS. I was petrified and I got to the lowest low and finally waved the white flag. I"ve had my life back since…and I did the whole hormone thing as well. It cost me over $1000 (insurance doesn’t cover it all) and I found out I was totally deplete of progesterone. Which is the calming hormone. I was certain this was the flaw and it would fix me…it didn’t do anything…
At some point you are going to have to jump…people here really want to support those who want to help themselves…

well guess what i called my gyno to see what it takes to get on them. i guess my insurance pays but still kind of expensive even more than the Cymbalta!!!

not sure i can even get in right away - but i asked her if they prescribe any antidepressants for menopause and she said yes sometimes and i asked about celexa and she said once in a while and warned me that some actually can cause more anxiety and depression and of course to get off if that happens.

BUT here’s the funny part - they prescribe effexor and cymbalta - well my neuro is the one that gave me cymbalta so i still have a prescription at the pharmacy if i could just open up the capsules and empty half out. i’m sure i could - another option

so many things to thinks about but today i’m just gonna work on other things and start putting up the Christmas tree or something like that.


Hey Chris,
It took me a a year to pluck up the courage to try Effexor, during that time I did do a lot of reading about the drug, and it is very effective for meno symptoms especially hot flashes, so maybe your med might be the same.
I was stone cold scared of trying med’s,just the thought of it put me in a spin, so I understand how you are feeling.
The hormones havent stopped my Mav, it’s just helped with the anxiety running throu my peri meno brain, slowing down the over excited brainwaves.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do honey, I feel for you.


THANK YOU for sharing that now i feel better. A year huh? well i guess i haven’t been that bad - my cymbalta was prescribed last month and the celexa too. i’ve been suffering a long time though that’s why i’m just feeling stupid to be so scared. i don’t know for a fact if i have Mav but probably but i definitely have major anxiety right now. just seems to go along with menopause i hae all those symptoms right now. -aging is no fun!!! :slight_smile:

thanks again Jen that makes me feel better. it’s been a rough day feeling like such a scaredy cat!!! Meow!


:lol: you’l get there!


Chris –

I can completely understand the reluctance for trialling a med while working a full time job. I hate doing it. HOWEVER, the life you are leading right now by doing nothing far outweighs the discomfort you’ll feel by trialling a small amount of something like Cipramil. Trust me on this. I have taken meds that have made a work day feel like shit and others that have saved my ass, but NONE of them caused me to lose my mind or anything scary like I imagine you’re thinking. It just won’t pan out that way. I’ve indulged in a few party drugs in my time and I can tell you that they are 1000X wilder than anything you’ll get from a pharamceutical and even the party drugs were fine, sometimes great (though I don’t recommend them for MAV or a day at work :lol: ).

What if it works immediately and you feel great? You’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about and kicking yourself for not doing something a long time ago. This is how I felt when I started Cip at 10 mg. I suddenly realised that I may have inadvertently done a bit of damage to my nervous system because I let myself sink into a very bad anxiety disorder that sensitised my body and brain. I was like Kelley and determined not to take drugs, that I could battle this by my own strength alone, but I lost big time. MAV was like trying to win an arm wrestle against King Kong for me.

You need to really get at what your fear is and see that it is unfounded – it will not eventuate. The worst case scenario is you might feel dizzier or headachy and that’s really it on 5 mg of Cip. It will likely pass and if it doesn’t you stop taking it and move on.


Chris, sounds to me like you’re actually more anxious about your anxiety than your dizziness. I’ve experienced severe anxiety, and so have plenty of people on this forum. You’ve got a two-pronged deal going on: if you want to address your anxiety, by all means do it QUICKLY because you are only feeding it day by day. It is the anxiety that is talking to you about treating your dizziness, not your rational brain. If it takes Cymbalta, get crackin’, girl. It won’t be that scary or drastic, and if after 1, 2, or 3 days or whatever you can always just stop without any withdrawal. On the other hand, if you choose to just calm the hormonal storm, progesterone is amazingly soothing… I use it every night. Jen is right, and as I said before: hormones won’t do zip for your dizziness, but it will sooth you some and help with sleep. By the way, you can actually treat for BOTH of these simultaneously if you can afford it.

Chris, have you tried Cognitive Behavior Therapy for your anxiety? CBT by itself wasn’t enough for my son’s severe anxiety disorder – he needed meds, too – but it really made a big difference. His therapist taught him more effective ways of thinking about the things that provoked his anxiety, and helped him feel like things weren’t always out of his control. It made a difference.

Maybe if the doctor prescribing the meds can also recommend someone to help with CBT, the combination would help you get your anxiety under control.

Best wishes,

Thank you all for not being too hard on me!! :slight_smile:

i guess after 30 years of off and on dizziness i’m not expecting much of a miracle in a pill however the extreme anxiety esp driving is a fairly new thing that started recently during a very bad allergy season. now it seems like motion and anxiety are big issues

My therapist that i go see on Thursday supposedly will be doing CBT - yeah!!! i’m sure hel’ll help me with this darn cycle i’m in for the driving and all. Yes i know i still need meds and im gonna work on that really soon.

I have a new boss and a new project and another big meeting this week so that’s why i don’t want to have something i’m unfamiliar with going through my body.

thank goodness i have valium that helps somewhat in these situations. I really don’t take it when i’m at home it’s when i have to go somewhere that the anxiety sets in. now when i’m dizzy and at home then i take it.

this is usually my best time of year because of the cold except for fireplaces so it’s very strange to be stuck inthe house when i need to be out christmas shopping - my poor mother can’t get out cuz she’s 93 and i have lots of guilt there but it’s not my fauilt that i’m sick.

I hope you all are having a dizzy-free day. thanks again for your input - i’ll get there again.

chris :wink: