Hello all,

Has anyone here developed Ibs as one of thier mav symptoms? In feb 2012, I constantly had ibs, had all thd tests done…thought i had parasites or c dif or something horrible. Everything was normal. This was before I knew I had MAV. Little did I know…my ibs was the start of all this. My doctor told me that many migrainers develop ibs and once you can control the migraines you may be able to control the ibs. Any one else have a similar situation?

Yup. My first round of MAV (6 months in early 2010) I had IBS at the same time. I wasn’t diagnosed at that point and didn’t make the connection. When the MAV improved, so did the IBS. Then in early 2011 my MAV returned along with the IBS. Figured they were connected… When I was diagnosed with MAV, the ENT doc confirmed the connection (with that and a whole host of other weird symptoms that didn’t seem related, but I figured must be…). In Dec. I started Verapamil and one of the few MAV symptoms that it helped was the IBS (not perfect but TONS better).

Thanks Erika! So how are you doing now? Any better?
So weird that IBS can happen with all this…ugh what a mess. I have it daily and I am losing so much weight its horrible.

Doing okay right now… Several weeks ago a lot of my MAV symtoms (including the IBS) ramped up. I’m not sure why - hormones or something to do with the B2, magnesium, butterbur combo my neuro had me trying. Anyhow, tried Lexapro for a few days and that really threw everything out of whack. The Amitriptyline that I’ve been trying out for the past couple of weeks may be starting to help, though. I’m still on an outrageously low dosage - made it to 7.5 mg now :wink: - but this weekend I feel more like my usual level of yuck. Hopefully the higher I go, the better everything will get. I did have to nix the Verapamil - that seemed to be making things worse with trying the Ami - and I was worried about what that’d do to the IBS control I had with it, but so far, the Ami seems to be helping with that, too.

What med/meds are you on/trying? I know some of them can cause constipation (like Verapamil), which can actually be what some of us need to counteract our IBS issues… Sorry to hear you’re losing weight because of it. It sure is an annoying symptom to deal with!!

Thanks for the reply Erika! Right now I am on my first med trial for mav. I am at 50 mgs of topamax. I am on day 17. No improvements. I ordered the forever well formula …which is an alternative supplement for migraines. However, i am using it more so for the ibs. I have read a lot about the forever well brain gut theory…makes sense. I strongly believe i will still need a px med as well but added the forever well may help my ibs since it has high doses of probitics. I need something bc this is daily for me. If it works, i will let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks again…wishing u the best

Hi BB,

Yup, I developed the IBS about 4 years into this. It just started one day out of the blue. If I avoid migraine trigger foods, it’s usually controllable.

Yes, for several chronic migraine episodes of mine the first symptoms were abnominal and lasted for a couple of weeks. Pre diagnosis it was assumed I had a stomach bug.

i have ulcerative colitis (bowel disease)

Remember that ulcerative colitis, Crohns and IBS will flare up with stress and anxiety

Ugh, so arent we all so lucky!!! Jk…but thanx for all of ur replys. Probiotics seem to help…but I cannot forget to take them or all hell breaks loose. For now, I use Culterelle twice a day & kiefer probiotic smoothie yogurt free gluten free drink.

sort of on topic…

my MAV symptoms improved quite significantly after being diagnosed and treated for helicobacter pylori (stomach bacteria). still suffering from ‘brain fog’ and occassional rocking sensations but haven’t had any real dizziness for almost eight months.

Yes - i was diagnosed with IBS and the MAV followed shortly after. Definately must be a brain/gut connection.
I find hormones (periods, pregnancy) make my IBS and MAV much worse.
I have IBS-d and i find less fibre helps, i know it’s healthier to eat wholewheat/brown breads etc but i do better with less.

What kind of IBS are ya’ll experiencind constipation or diarrhea???

Mine was always diarrhea…and awful stomach noises. Prior to MAV i did have bouts of constipation though. I am hapy to say its controlled now with topamax. Amen, :smiley:

My dizziness is always worse when my I b s plays up and usually after I have eaten rubbish food. I just thought was a coincidence. Wow can’t believe there is a connection. Was going to write a post about it but thought was silly connection. Thanks to you all who have made me feel better :slight_smile: so maybe I should go with my tummy to identify the foods that set me off. Angela

Yes! I suddenly developed IBS a few years before the chronic dizziness appeared, i used to take tablets for it but now like Scott, can control it with sticking to a good diet, sometimes it flares up at the time of the month and gives me cramps along with the period pains, double whammy! I find peppermint tea helps greatly if it is playing up, can reduce symptoms almost right away.

I was diagnosed with IBS in May 2012 after a series of gastro testing (endoscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel capsule etc) all turned out unremarkable. I just do a daily regimen of probiotics and Citrucel which works wonders. Initially, the doctors all thought the other neuro symptoms (dizziness, lightheatedness etc) was all just related to me being dehydrated from the IBS but when we got that the IBS under control and the other symptoms stayed then they sent me to a Neurologist and was diagnosed with MAV in December 2012.

When I went to John Hopkins, the specialist also mentioned something about “abdominal migraines” which can be frequently diagnosed as IBS. anyone else ever heard this before?