IBS-type symptoms

We are What We Eat.

Maybe this speaks volumes for a Migraine Diet. Or just maybe those IBS symptoms aren’t MAV related at all. I once developed IBS-type symptoms, quite severe and very painful and long gone now thankfully. Mine developed following many months on a hospital-prescribed strict Low Fat Diet, owing to hospital muddle up which took a year to sort. Symptoms resolved relatively quickly after a return to a normal food regime.


What I found of particular interest was the ‘baked in the supermarket’ bread. Explains so many people having bloating on bread. I’m also convinced some of the chemical change is a result of yeast retardants used in the process and that could possibly account for MAVers intolerances to ‘freshly baked’ bread. @Space_Cadet, where are you?


For those who suffer from IBS a Low FODMAP diet seems to help. There is lots of info on google.

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