If supplements and diet don't work, does it mean it might not be MAV?

Haven’t tried this enough to produce any results, but might it not be MAV if they don’t produce good results? Or does it mean i might have to resort to medication? Thanks!

No. But ask yourself what is MAV anyway? Its a vertigo condition in which you get migraines. To me that suggests the source of the problem could be one of a broad range of conditions.

Diet did nothing for me. Amitriptyline came to the rescue. I probably owe my life to the designer (at one point I did consider suicide though didn’t plan it, which is a major distinction, but shows how bad I had got).



sorry james, do you mean, no, it might not be mav?

No, I mean just because you don’t respond to diet and supplements doesn’t rule out MAV. I needed meds. But then I am sceptical what MAV is. To me it’s a vertigo condition that causes migraines. I believe that could be due to many things. The diagnosis is a bit vague imho. But the medicine works! And that is largely what matters. Many users come off meds once it has settled down. But expect that to take months or years.

I’m with James - I think the ACTUAL causes of MAV/tinnitus/whatever may vary from person to person - therefore the method of controlling it will vary. Until medical science can pinpoint a personal cause, I think we all have to just learn what is best for us through trial and error! This last round certainly got me thinking that maybe putting a final end to it might be the best route. Luckily these thoughts are fleeting for me - I need to keep going because I want to find out WHY!!! :grinning:

If you are having serious, daily, issues like I was, then you might need medication to turn things around. After four years of decline and serious and debilitating symptoms, my new oto-neurologist (2010) put me on Nortriptyline, the migraine diet, trigger identification and supplements. After 3 months, I was off medication for 14 months but continued with the rest of the program. I go from 10-14 months off the meds. This is a plan I can live with. For me, it also helps to keep a low histamine (low dairy, no tinned tomato products, no berries, et al) element to the diet. I do now eat small amounts of some of the foods, but not a lot and not everyday. Never coffee or alcohol or foods loaded with MSG… My doctor feels that if you have a real relapse, you cannot turn it around without the meds. One time I had a week of bad foods and a small amount of alcohol and I knew a major incident was occuring in my head so I took 1/2 of a Valium (2.5 mgs) and that ended the whole thing. I now know that I cannot have two bad cheating days in a row or I start to get a vibration in my face and balance issues. I try to be careful. I would rather not be on medication but sometimes it is necessary. Good luck to you. (vertigotalesandtastes.blogspot.com

Spinninggirl are your medication breaks also designed to see if you no longer need them?

Yes. That is always the goal. But remember, I have migraine without headache. I get all the other symptoms and end up in the Er, but no headache. When that happens, I go on medication for 3 months, maintain the diet and trigger avoidance, etc. Then I go off the medication and I am good for many months. What I am trying to do now is catch it earlier and take 1/2 Valium (once) or 2 Advil (once) and take it easy for a day. We will see if that works. My real issues are from July through September when it is hot here. I have a few tricks for next summer and I hope they work and get me through. These are things I have recently noticed and will correct…