If you tried topamax and abandoned it, why?

What were your issues with it that made you decide enough was enough? I’m 3 weeks in with side effects out the whazoo and I’m only at 25mg. Every day is a struggle on this drug. More of a struggle than what I was experiencing before it. I’m so torn between give it time and enough is enough. I will stick it out 2 1/2 more weeks because I don’t go back to the neuro until then. But I can’t imagine even going up a smidge at this rate. Just wondering what made others throw in the topamax towel? Thanks.

it made me suicidal…seemed a good reason to stop!

I stuck it out for 4 wks…it gave me constant flu-like symptoms…dry cough, tingly head…just felt really “wired”.

i hated it. am currently on verapamil & it has helped alot. good luck to you.

I stayed on it for well over a year. It caused a lot of GI side effects for me (among others), which were really frustrating, but it also was the only med that ever worked for me (besides Botox, which I am finally on). I would be willing to go on it again, despite the side effects.

I abandoned it and then gave it another go. The most prominent side effect was brain fog which went away with time.

I lasted about 2 months - going up slowly, making it to a whopping 37.5 mg/day. It wasn’t helping anything at that dose, and I constantly felt depressed and tired (my boss at work even expressed he was glad I went off it), plus I was losing hair (more than I do normally with the perimenopause junk), and it gave me an eye twitch! (Started at one eye, and at the last upping of the dosage, it was both eyes - this little muscle in my undereye area just twitching away 24/7. Craziness.) Currently on Verapamil, which takes the edge off things, and a small dose of gabapentin, which may be helping a bit, too. Might try going up on that…

I turned into a complete moron within a couple of weeks, and felt uncharacteristically depressed. Stuck it out as long as I could, but even the minimum dose was intolerable. As my neuro says, finding the right medication can be like finding a needle in a haystack. That said, I am now doing very well on Propranolol. Good luck to you in finding the right med :slight_smile:
Thanks to all who post on this forum; it is very helpful.