Ill with something else

Hi All,

Do your symptoms flare when you’re ill with something else? I have had a sore throat, swollen glands and a head cold for a few days and today and knocked out with dizziness and fatigue…anyone else experience a flaring of symptoms when ill? I haven;t been ill with anything else since this hit, until now!! :frowning:

It has not happened to me yet–but I am fearing it because I seen many posts that mention it! I hope you feel better soon.

DL – VM is notorious fro getting worse with colds and flu. Happens to me every time at about day 4 of the cold.

It will pass. :slight_smile:


Yes, I recently had a cold and my dizziness ramped up big time.

It went back to my ‘normal’ when my cold passed.

I hope you feel better soon



I have picked up a stinking cold. It’s got better over night but today the dizzines has hit off the scale. I tripped over my own foot earlier. My legs are shaking, knees knocking together like in a cartoon, my head/vision feels like everything is slow and it’s trying to catch up.

I had a migraine eye aura zig zag thing earlier and 2 nights ago I had a hearing hallucination where everything sounds threatening for 20 mins.

I was off sick yesterday because of the cold and working from home today because I can’t walk.

How can I be 95% for a good 2.5weeks and then suddenly absolutely smashed again? It’s just not fair.

This also coincides with the end of a period so I guess I have 2 big triggers going on, and I don’t know how night nurse interacts with my meds/migraine- anyone? But it’s just so frustrating.


Oh yes, I always feel worse when I catch a cold, have gastro or whatever other illness comes my way. Thankfully I go back to baseline a few days after it’s gone. Hope you feel better soon.