I'm a horrible person!

Found out that a bunch of students who hang out with my kids are running around with a stomach virus–they all came down with it the same time I started feeling sick during a weekend competitive event. I was bummed that the migraine thing was nagging at me–got the news and did a happy dance in my office to find out that I might actually have the same touch of virus as the kids :lol:

Who does a happy dance because they find out they (and their kids–likely) have a stomach bug??

I’ve been reduced to such ridiculousness :oops:

Count me in on this… I’ll think the MAV is worsening (or VM) and then I’ll find out it’s something else, something not even related and it’s pretty simple and I’m happy beyond reason. :roll:

You’re not alone. :slight_smile:

I think we have all felt something similar …you are not horrible!

I also think sometimes it can be too easy to blame MAV when we don’t feel well, but we can just get general tiredness, stomach aches and stuff as well as migraine :slight_smile: