I'm a little scared! 2nd appt with Dr Fife. Any thoughts?

Hello again!

I’m a fairly new MAVer, was diagnosed feb 21, 2012 by Oto Neurologist Dr Terry Fife. He put me on Imipramine and I slowly worked my way up to 75mg. Immediately, I started feeling results and was ecstatic!! Than I added b2 and b complex to the mix and started to feel worse. Not sure if that is purely coincidental or if it indeed was derailing the effectiveness of my meds. I looked up B2 on webmd and sure enough, it said it can interact with Tricyclic Anti depressants so I immediately stopped the B2, but stayed with the b complex plus my multi and co q10. Also avoiding triggers.

So last week, I called my Dr to inform him that drugs don’t appear to be working and his office called me back and said he wants to see me ASAP so I scheduled an appt for Wednesday this week. I was really hoping that he would just change my meds over the phone so I don’t have to go all the way to his office. Driving for me is horrific and I only drive if it’s just down the street.

Anyway, now I’m afraid of why he wants to see me? Is this normal? Do you think he thinks something else might be wrong with me? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you as always.

Sweetheart, stop worrying. You WANT your doctor to be concerned and on the ball - and not the other way round!

How far is the drive and can you get a friend, neighbour, family member to drive you there or take public transport?

Are you able to up the dose of your current med or at you at the max?

Thanks Muppo!

I just wasn’t sure if that was normal. Hopefully he will switch me to something more effective with minimal side affects. I may be able to get a ride or take public transit. I’ve never taken public transit as its pretty crappy in Phoenix but I’m willing to try.

I am already at the max dose so im hoping for a change. You seem to be doing really well and that certainly encourages me. I feel like I’m living in hell right now but I’m still hopeful.

Thanks again for your support.

Hi MAVprincess,

It appears that B2 does interfere with Imipramine and other tricyclics:


How long did you feel well on Imi for? Did it happen immediately or was it a gradual getting well. Something that has crossed my mind is wondering if the Imi really did anything at all. Was it a placebo effect or just a random migraine fluctuation which means the B2 had nothing to do with anything.

Hope you find your way back to being symptom free again soon.


This is crazy that you posted this… Last week I had my best 2 1/2 days since last July.
I also forgot to take my B12 and B vitamins and Magnesium. I thought hm… strange.
On my 3rd day, I took the magnesium and about an hour or so later, felt dizzy. Thinking
back whenever I took the B vitamins I sometimes felt dizzy, but Im 24/7 so hard to tell.
Also the B12 gave me acne. My husband was using it to and stopped for the same reason.
Im on Nortriptyline. Im starting to think that both B vit’s and Magnesium is not my friend, at
least not in high quanity. I take a reg. multi vit and fine with that…

Maybe its a combination maybe the med is working, but your having your up’s and downs, and
the B just tilts the table unfavorably for you.



You bring up a good point. Because I thought of the placebo affect as well. I am so hopeful that sometimes that happens to me. I was on the imi for about a week than started to feel really good. Not even close to 100% but good enough to feel that sparkle of hope again. I don’t see imi on here that often. Do you know anything about it? Dr Fife seemed to think it would be treated well with that. I’m now wondering what his next plan of attack is.

I guess for now, I’ll stay away from the b2 but I’m thinking I need to get some magnesium. I swear as soon as I started the b2, I felt the worse I’d ever felt since this all started. I wish I knew for sure, but I don’t think I ever will.

How are you feeling Scott? What did the doc say?

Kristina, I think we’re on to something here. Strange that it can work so well for some. What medication are you on? Maybe it’s the combo of the two.

Thanks guys and Scott let us know how you are feeling. It didn’t sound too good yesterday.


Hi Scott,
I’m a little confused about the b2 and interfering with tricyclics. I clicked on yur link and it said tricyclics may reduce levels of riboflavin, so vit b raises the level, which I thought was good, and also improves the effects of antidepressants, including imipramine and Nortriptyline. So, it seems that vit b riboflavin is good when you are taking antidepressants and that is why Dr’s always put you on them right away.?? Am I reading this wrong? Mav princess seems to be having trouble with the vit b2. I take it morning and night. Hope it’s not the wrong thing to be doing and making me feel worse? I thought eveyone was on vitb2 and magnesium. Any thoughts about this? just everyting is so confusing and upsetting. meredith

That’s what I read on the link - that B2 was ‘good’ to take with Tri’s… have I misread this link?

Hi Meredith,

First off, just want to say that I’m happy that your apptnwith Dr Hain went well. I really hope you start seeing some positive results very soon. You must be happy about what’s to come. Please let me know what all he put you on and what else he suggested. Mine was working soooo good but than stopped working so I have been really really down. But I am happy that my Dr wants to see me again and excited to see what the next plan is. I’m always scared of how bad the side affects are as before MAV, I never took drugs of any type. I too am sooo confused about all the information. At times, I feel way too overwhelmed and it really gets me depressed. I try so hard to not get on the Internet so much as it just confuses me. Did Hain say anything about vitamins? I read that b2 interacts with Tricyclic ads so that is why I asked Scott. He seems to have a wealth of knowledge about this beast and I totally trust him

Anyway keep us up to date on everything. hope you are on the road to success.


Webmd states that B2 interacts with Tricyclic AD’s. Here is the link:

webmd.com/vitamins-supplemen … VITAMIN+B2&source=2

I can only speak from my experience, but within a day of taking B2, I felt worse than my worse day and that is the only change I made. Prior to that imipramine was working. All of the info is confusing but I think everyone reacts differently to different combos. To be honest, I don’t even know what interacts means.

Hopefully we can get some clarification from Scott. I love his knowledge.


From what i can read, yes B2 does interact with Tricyclic Ad’s but in a good way. It seems that Trycyclic reduce the amount of riboflavin in the body and so taking B2 helps with this. I hope this is the case because i also take B2 supplements along with noritriptyline, i have days where i feel worse than others but i dont have days with no symtoms, is this the reason i wonder that im not really improving? Should i stop the b2?

Hi Mav Princess,
I read your link and I read Scott’s link. The way I understand it is this: Antidepressants can reduce the amount of riboflavin in the body. Therefore, Vitamin B Riboflavin is GOOD in that it ADDs riboflavin that the AD have reduced. The interaction is just that AD reduces riboflavin and it’s a good interaction to add the Vitamin to replenish what the AD has reduced.

Yikes, does that make sense to you?? My hubby read it and he agrees and he’s pretty astute ( lol). I just took my “morning pills” which are the vit b ( 200mg) 250 mg. Mag. and a multi vit. and I do the same at night. Can’t think why the Dr’s would tell us to take these things if not for a good reason.

We all react differently and I don’t know why you felt worse after taking the Vit B. That just sucks and you were on such a good course there for a while. I so worry about all of us. I have not started my “new” pills as some are being made at the compounding pharm ( but only some, otherwise we might go broke) ha! but I am just dizzy all the time, need a wheelchair in stores, and have turned into a Walmart Lady ( only I don’t wear pajama jeans shopping) in a wheelchair, and I don’t weigh but 135 or so. I have gained about 10 lbs since Dec. when I got this horrible illness. So, we go from one day to the next, hoping. I am going back to Arizona next late fall and am going to see Dr. Fife then, see what he has to say. I hope by then that I feel so good I won’t need to go to him, but I don’t trust that, at this point.

Take care, good luck with your appt. and if you read anything more or find out anything more about the vit. b interaction, let me know. I THINK it’s ok, but of course, I am not at all positive about anything and so willing to learn anything I can.
xoxo. Meredith

I wonder if it is something with a certain filler in the B2 that was the culprit?
The crazy thing with all this is that anything is possible. Sensitivities can be any thing to any one at any time. That’s what makes this so difficult. One persons trigger is another’s daily routine…one person’s med for remission is another’s nightmare…we all read everyone elses results and meds that work and want to try, but in the end, it’s like a fingerprint…truly our own.
With that being said we can only do probabilities…like caffeine and red wine is probably a trigger for most. (not everyone)…75% of people might get better on a tricyclic…I do think a site like ours gets the one’s who aren’t falling into the “normal” range, and therefore we are online searching for answers. Others take their topomax or Nori and get better and move on…
The best advice I could give us all, including myself, is there are no absolutes…keep an open (scientific) mind, and be as fearless as possible with trying these meds…you have to go into it with a positive attitude…I believe in the opposite of placebo, which I call nocebo…lol…meaning if you are worried a drug is going to mess you up, it probably will. We will look for any little thing and our anxiety will escalate and it will make matters worse. Give yourself a fighting chance and take it on…our lives (quality) depend on it!