I'm amazed at what I can do!

Like a lot of people here, I’ve had my share of BAD days (and weeks, and months…) It wasn’t too long ago that I was considering taking a leave of absence from work because I was barely making it.

But sometimes I realize “Wow, look at me really busy at work, running around and having normal people problems! I don’t have a headache or feel that dizzy!”

I went to the state fair with my kids. Of course, I didn’t go on the rides, and couldn’t really even stand to look at them, but the MAV didn’t slow me down. It was hot and crowded, and I was fine. I even ate crazy food. Just amazing.

Going to Hawaii soon too. I’m not sure we can afford it, but I don’t really care. I’m amazed that I can go, and I’m confident I’ll have a great time. With little kids too!

Maybe I should revisit this post on my next bad day.

Keeping active is a key factor on how to battle this stuff I think. It helps in a few ways I think. One-it’ll help the brain adjust to certain situations and 2-it keeps your mind off the dizziness and in turn that helps when your minds not always thinking about being dizzy.