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I'm back!!

Hi all, me again Mr. Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction!

As above that’s what I have suffered with for years, but thankfully recent times haven’t been too bad to the extent that I have been driving again for a living and all was good.

Until yesterday. Woke up with the usual ominous full head feeling along with powerful loud tinnitus and once more my eyes weren’t focusing. I found I couldn’t read properly or look at something stationary without bizarrely my vision in both eyes “jumping to the left and back to centre” in rapid fashion. Needless to say I called work and have signed off sick. This “jumping to the left” with my vision is odd as have never experienced that before and I suddenly realised this jumping is occurring to the rhythm of my heart-beat. Took my BP and that seems ok, but have booked an appointment with the GP.

My concerns are that obviously the GP can’t do anything about Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction and if this is another of these months on end “attacks” that’s the job gone. Hoping it’s not the old ticker either. Strange how it just came on over night,.

Anyone else have a vision, dizzy issue that seems to go with the heartbeat?

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