Im doing electrovestibulography clincial trial alfred hosp

so im fed up and going through a rough patch with never ending vertigo and i figure after 3 yrs of hell ill be a lab rat :smiley: hopefully this will led to better diagnoses and treatment. Its between alfred in melbourne and monash this its basically

The purpose of this project is to compare brain activity (i.e. neural responses) using a new recording and data analysis technique called electrovestibulography in healthy individuals and individuals with a diagnosis of a neurological condition. The use of electrovestibulography is a research diagnostic tool and has been approved by Monash University

completing a series of tasks which involve an assessment of hearing and balance as well as completing simple questionnaires about balance, attention, thinking skills, fatigue, mood and symptoms.
• having measurements taken of brain activity in response to movement and at rest. This involves being seated in a chair and having electrodes placed on specific spots on your face, as well as one electrode placed in your ear. The electrodes measure brain activity while you relax in a chair and sit in a chair that is being slowly tilted forward and back as well as side to side.
• These tasks will be conducted at The Alfred Hospital or Monash University and take
approximately 3 to 4 hours.

We will be using electrovestibulography to measure neural responses from ear canals to determine whether this recording and data analysis technique can help provide diagnostic information about different patient populations. We will also be exploring whether electrovestibulography is helpful in monitoring changes in medication levels.
so if any one in melbournes interest to be part contact me for details ,ill let you guys know if any breakthrough!

Good luck with it bec - will be interested to see how it goes