I'm looking for quick advice on mixing meds!

I have to make this quick as I’m packing to go away again(lord help me). 8)

I am currently on 150 mg of Effexor generic brand. I also take a Tylenol pm at night. I’m paranoid of putting too many drugs in my system but I have read that many people here do better flying with some sort of relaxer. I have an old prescription of Xanax which is NOT prescribed by my current dr. I would love to take it tonight when I fly out, but so scared because I have 150mg of Effexor in my system which I took this morning.

Does anyone think it’s ok to take a half Xanax tonight when i fly? I usually do fine flying but today of all days my MAV symptoms are acting up and my ears are already hurting like hell plus dizzy. Ugh!!!

Before MAV, I’ve taken Xanax occasionally and loved it.

What do you guys think? I can’t call my dr as he’s not in office.


I took ativan (benzo) the entire time I was on Effexor (8 weeks) with no ill effect. I did it to cope with the side effects that I had hoped would lessen.
Good luck with your flight!

You’ll be fine, take it and have a relaxing flight :slight_smile: Benzos are commonly prescribed along with SSRI/SNRIs by physicians, and many here take this combo especially for flying if needed (myself included) with no problem.

Have a good trip!

Maybe you can call a pharmacist to ask the question? That is what i would do.