I'm so paranoid im missing something

I’m so paranoid I’m missing something, my life is slipping through my fingers. I’m worried I’m not suffering from migraines. I just assume I am because of 1. process of elimination 2. family history

I have balance, and sensory processing issues with light and sound. I get substantially worse with fatigue and low barometric pressure.

Anyway, all of this is coming up because I’m really not doing well and might have to go back to college with a cane :?

I rarely ever have pain, usually just with low barometric pressure situations and then its more like a pressure squeezing my head.

How many people don’t regularly experience pain but still consider themselves to have MAV?

Did you diagnosis you, or did a doctor?

If you haven’t see a doctor. Especially if your symptoms are new, neurolological symptoms should be evaluated by someone. Do you have medical insurance? If not maybe your school offers a policy for students? Mine did, it only cost a couple hundred a semester and I was responsible for the first $1,000 of costs, but when I needed gallbladder surgury at 22 it saved my finaical future. If you need MRIs or CAT scans to rule out all the stuff it probably is NOT (but still should probably check that it is not) a policy like that might be worth it.

But to answer your one question. Some people with MAV do not get head pain… (I’d say lucky them, but I’d rather have the head pain them the symptoms they suffer with a lot more then me! LUCKY ME!)

I agree with hmk about need a dx but to answer your question, i also get no head pain. Thank God for small favors.

No acute head pain like you would generally associate with migraine. I do however get sort of a vague sensation of tension in my head. This occurs almost daily. Better in the mornings worse in the afternoons. For the longest time I told the docs “can’t be migraine - I don’t get headaches”. I have slowly come to think of this sensation of tension as a headache - although it certainly isn’t a classic migraine headache.

Part of the reason that I was diagnosed with MAV was my history of headaches. I do get some really hum dingers for headaches, but I don’t get the acute pain normally associated with miagraines. I’ve seen to many people in the middle of a full blown migraine to know that my pain is nothing compared to theirs. Since I started treatment for migraines, I now get some symptoms that I used to not get that are normally associated with migraines such as light sensitivity.