I'm sooooooooo tired


Does anyone else suffer from extreme tiredness and weakness? I do have two small children who give me the run around but I still had this tiredness prior to having kids. Even If I have a good 8 hours sleep I still wake up and feel as though I’ve hardly slept all night!


i’m exhausted all the time. I wake up tired and wonder how my legs will get me thru the day. I used to get this way when i had classic migraines - spent the entire time in bed. and it’s such a viscious cycle. the more i’m in bed, the weaker my body gets, etc. the other part of the viscious cycle is that the more i’m up, the dizzier i am, so that, again forces me to spent the majority of my day in bed.


I have found even if i get 8 hours asleep…but if i go to bed at different time patterns i will wake up feeling tired. So you need to go to sleep with a consistent time.


I also find myself tired throughout the day. I have had a problem with this ever since my symptoms started up several years ago. The meds I take can make the problem worse. I have found that a short nap when I get home from work seems to help.

I’m always tired, and to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning is rare for me. The migraines and vertigo are exhausting when you have them - and also in the run up to and after them. Sometimes gentle exercise can help lift the tiredness, at other times all I need is to sleep!

I’m worried that my exhasution is out of control. I can barely function and feel like I have to push myself to do the most simple tasks. I ache with fatigue. Is this normal with MAV or could I have depression? I have tried various anti-depressants in the past without result. I wonder if any of you have really debilitating fatigue where you can hardly get up? Why would MAV casue this to happen?



I feel for you - my fatigue is crushing and feels like a viscious cycle. The less I’m able to be up, the weaker my body gets. But the more i’m up, the dizzier and more tired I am. My sleep is disturbed and if i have a few bad nights in a row my legs can barely carry me.

I wake up exhausted. My husband is a psychologist and claims that depression can certainly make one this tired and I do suffer with depression. And I do think that depression contributes, but I think it’s more than that - i think this is part of the illness. In fact, my depression has improved quite a bit in the last year, but the dizziness and weakness continue to worsen. I also worry that I’m in a downhill decline and hope that these meds help.

I wouldn’t say that I’m exhausted all of the time. Rather, the pain and pressure of the disease wears me down throughout the day.

To be sure, it has gotten better over the last 1 1/2 years, mostly due to daily exercise. Kind of bizarre, but I found that if I workout every day, it’s better. If I go back to 2 to 3 times per week, the pain and feeling of tiredness creeps up on me.

Poor you Dizzy Loopy - I really sympathise with you. From my own experience depression does make you really tired (but I also get insomnia in bouts too) - but I think I can now identify between mental tiredness and physical tiredness - the mental tiredness is the worst though. Sometimes I feel like I just can’t get enough sleep and it goes on for weeks at a time. It is as difficult to work out if it is depression or MAV as it is to try and connect the vertigo and migraines together in the early years of having MAV.

Having MAV and two small children to take care of is enough to make anyone very tired - you have a lot to deal with and are a busy Mum. I hope you soon start to feel less exhausted :slight_smile:

Hi Dizzyloop, yes i too am always tired right down to my bones, I ache alot. ive been trying to get used to this verapamil, drug and it’s taken some time but i’m having some good days and some very tired days. I dont think my family understands how tired I get. sometimes just walking into the kitchen makes me out of breath. I cant even imagine how you cope with 2 kids.
also dizzyloop I find the hotter it becomes in Queensland the slower I get.
hugs jen

Hi all,

I haven’t been in the forum for a few weeks now. I feel so bad when I read these stories, and know that I pray for you if it’s a comfort. It helps me :slight_smile: I have a friend who kind of forged the path of vestibular migraine before me. She was treated at Johns Hopkins in Maryland for the VM but the docs felt she had underlying depression - who doesn’t with this miserable deal? She agreed - she’s in her early 60’s taking care of a physically handicapped husband and felt completely housebound with her dizziness and headaches. She also suffers with fibromyalgia and was taking Welbutrin. The neurologist at JHH cut her Welbutrin in half and put her on Cymbalta, which has been shown to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia. Her dizziness cleared up in less than a week and has stayed at bay. She says every now and then she can feel it coming on but just slows down and it subsides. She’s done very well with the fibromyalgia as well and her doc said that even after the 6 month trial period he’s just going to keep her on the meds. Hope this helps, maybe you’re suffering from more than just MAV.

Take care,
Lisa D

There are a few reasons you are feeling tired without any reason. One of them is anemia, which is a lack of red blood cells and conversely, oxygen from the lungs is not properly brought to the tissues and cells. Anemia may be caused by deficiency of vitamins or minerals, internal bleeding or chronic diseases. Women who are at “that time” of the month are susceptible to anemia as blood is lost during menstruation. Still, iron deficiency due to menstruation is less than in pregnant women or lactating mothers, as their body needs extra iron to maintain healthy blood levels. Things may also go wrong when your thyroid glands refuse to cooperate with you. Thyroid hormones, thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) are responsible for metabolic processes in the body. Too much thyroid hormone causes hyperthyroidism which speeds up metabolism while too little thyroid hormone slows down metabolism. Hyperthyroidism causes fatigue and muscle weakness and starts in the thighs. Doing energy demanding activities become difficult and other symptoms include weight loss, feeling warm, shorter menstruations, increased heart rate and thirst. Hypothyroidism also causes fatigue and muscle weakness. The symptoms are reversed to hyperthyroidism such as weight gain, feeling cold and longer menstruations. Diabetes, notorious for causing a range of problems in the body, is also related to fatigue. As glucose is the staple fuel of the body, it is not utilized properly in patients with type 2 diabetes as the absence of insulin causes the glucose to build up in the body. Without its staple fuel, the tissues of the body are not nourished properly and causes fatigue. Sadly, being sad can also be the reason you feel tired. Depression induces negative feelings and also has negative effects on the body as it causes a reduction in energy levels, changes in sleep and eating patterns, decreased concentration and overall laziness and worthlessness which keeps you in bed all day.