I'm supposed to have Botox

Hi all,
So, my neurologist wants to do Botox now. At first I was a little bit excited, but mostly apathetic (since ivebeen disappointed with failed treatment before), now after researching the side effects I’ve morphed into actual fear! The funny thing is some of the side effects include headache, dizziness and heavy head. I could care less about the possibility of the pain from headache (I’d trade it for the dizziness to be gone), but I’m more afraid of making my dizziness worse! I’ve read about the possibility of the toxin spreading and it scares me to bits! Has anyone else had Botox done?

Before my Lyme diagnosis and so many failed medications I figured ill give Botox a try. Sadly, it didnt help whatsoever with any form of dizziness. I thought if nothing else maybe would help with some head pressure but it didnt I hope if you decide to have it you have much better luck. I had some neck pain after but it wore off. And after the hell we have been through the needles are nothing good luck

Thanks for the reply. I’m feeling so torn about this. Part of me is so desperate that I’m willing to try anything, but after reading (on the Allegra, the company that makes Botox, website) about toxic spread I’m really leery. Yet, what if it did work? But what scares me if it makes my symptoms worse- it’s not like a med that can be out of your system, it’s months, so I don’t know what to do.