Immunity decreased with MAV?

I just wanted to ask as I’ve noticed this in myself; does this condition somehow affect the immune system as well? I’ve been noticing that ever since this started a year ago I’m more susceptible to the common cold, and other common bugs. I’ve had recurrent colds and a sore throat more times this year than I usually do. Anyone have any thoughts or information on whether the immune system is weakened with this dumb condition?


Personally, I doubt this is the case.

However, no doubt having MAV might make any additional cold symptoms worse.

Colds definitely bother me more now that I have this condition. I never used to have ear fullness or pain with colds until I got vestibular migraines.

I’ve been wondering the same thing as I have been housebound for 2 years. This cold/flu season I really haven’t been out too often but my husband does work and gets exposed to things. I managed not to catch a stomach bug his parents gave him at Christmas, but I sprayed Lysol on everything I touched.

I have been concerned that my lack of exercise, movement in general, and sleep issues have hurt my immunity so I am being as careful as I possibly can with the nasty flu strain going around this year.

Honestly though if you’re condition is still allowing you to function and get sleep and some exercise I would think your immunity would be no worse than normal. Before I was housebound I got colds with the vestibular migraine and was still able to work. But I did notice the ones that had congestion that messed with my inner ear took longer to go away than they used to prior to vestibular migraines.

I also have been taking vitamins…and i used to do take the extended release vitamin C which helps the immune system and this has worked wonders and kept cold and flu at bay.

It probably is the lack of sleep and lack of exercise that resulted in a decrease in the immunity. Thanks for your input!

MAV wouldn’t have a direct effect on your immune system; however, it does exponentially increase stress, which in turn lowers your immune system

A lot of people with MAV also have secondary depression because of it, which can also give you cold/flu-like symptoms

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@YasH You’re welcome. It scares me to not be able to do more things to boost up my immune system. I can’t seem to control my sleep right now, and I can barely walk let alone exercise. And yes, stress from MAV is a HUGE factor too. Best of luck!

Good point Brent