Impending Doom and MAV

Ok so what a crappy 4 days!! wednesday had horrible panic attack thought my heart would explode took hours to calm down…thurday had stomache bug hrew up all day…friday felt blah and “off” and today i woke up wicked off balance and with the strangest feeling that something very bad would happen today like i would pass out or die or something bad which of course has my anxiety high…cant shake this somehing bad or i am going to die today feeling…i think i am crazy…read the heal your headache book and it mentioned strange otherworldly or wierd feelings can happen do you think that is whats going on?? i am truly freaked out and cant shake this bad feeling…am i the only one to ever feel this?? do you think its true??

D D , do you suffer with tachycardia?

I have the very same feeling when I have my tachycardia SVT,
Its a common problem with tachy, it the adrenalin running wild, trying to protect your main organs I believe.
It can also happen in panic attacks as well.
** sinus tachycardia **can also be bought on by panic attack in a stressful situation, it’s natural for you to have panic as well, all patients with long term illness , especially dizzy patients.

Also ,I’m pretty sure this type of heart racing in panic attacks, would show NO reading of heart problems on a ECG.
But having said that, it’s important to have an ECG to rule out any other potential life threatening tachycardias.

and yes, Feelings of doom have also been called aura in migraine, geesh! Anything go’s with migraine.
do you ever have heart palputations that feel like your heart is missing beats, speeding up or slowing down, flip flopping?
I do all the time.
if you do, you should speak to your DR about it ASAP.

all the best


i believe i had an ekg the last time i went to the ER when i almost passed out i am not 100% sure but pretty sure…everything seemed to be fine

Jen, saw my endo today and she wants to run a 24-hour urine test on me to make sure I don’t have an adrenaline-producing tumor.
Longshot, but she wants to rule it out. I’m sick of all that adrenaline crap. It drives me nuts.


far out thats sary, well at least their doing something about something.
I’m in the middle of looking for a GOOD neuro.
when I first saw him , he’s just had a kidney transplant and dosnt look like he’s recovered well from it.
so he’s not what you could say, ON THE BALL, I dont think he’s capable of helping anyone right now.
I need someone NEW YOUNG and interested in my case.

you know what , It is probably just MAV that I have Heather, but the symptoms are really different to so many here, It dose make me wonder if there’s not more going on.

could it be the constant tachy that’s cuasing the extra symptoms, maybe-probable- and yes there easily can be more than one illness.
but it’s all about getting answers!
finding answers, more power to you Heather.

what did she say they can do if it is, Ive read most of these tumors are not malignant type?
is that so?

I can feel adrenaline rising in me whenever I have an attack or tachy.


I’m not saying I don’t think you have Mav, but I think the MAV is secondary to your orthostatic problems/ SVT.
Tachycardia in and of itself can wreak havoc on the body and some of the POTS girls mentioned blurred vision, swinging vision, migraines etc.
I recently developed a scary kind of swinging sensation with my eyes so that when I look at things, sometimes, yeah, it’s like it’s swinging.
It’s so subtle that it makes it even scarier, because you’re not sure if you are actually losing your mind.
How can I lose something I already lost? :lol:

She doesn’t think I really have a tumor. Uhhh knock on wood. She’s just being thorough.
I like that about her. She’s my age and I really feel comfortable with her. Otherwise, I hate most doctors!
Many aren’t even human. Lol.

I’ve had swinging vision for ever.
double vision always, I cant even read a newspaper.
hmmmm, with in an hour of waking I’m walking around not able to think.
I know if I just lay down and never rise, then I’m able to think (not out of it) :shock:

Oh my God Jen how horrible!!!
I cry the most about my vision problems and needing to get glasses that work for me.
What I have learned from all this is to never take my vision for granted.
Even frigging glasses can give you vertigo. I am vertigoed OUT. :evil:

Have you talked to docs about your vision problems?
Do they even give a crap?

yeh, I’ve seen optho’s , neruo say’s its just the migraine.
But it’s everyday.
I’ve gotten use to it; in fact I’ve had it for more years than I can remember.
Topamax did help it but only for a while, it came back with vengeance, like everything else came back on topa.

When I cough or strain, everything goes black, and I have a hallo at night, when I roll over in bed, I see a bright white hallo.

And of cause everyone keeps saying, it’s just part and parcel of what I supposedly have, Migraine!
And NOT coming from my eye’s but my brain.
So to me this say’s damage, permanent.
You know when you say , your eyes and head can feel the pulsation or pressure , I also have dimmed vision that dims black with each pulses of my heart, during these new attacks.
Hmmmmm lucky me, what’s next.

I wondered if it’s a scar on the optical nerve but the optho said he could see NO damage.

Sometimes I just wish, I’d drop dead and be done with it.


— Begin quote from “jennyd”

Sometimes I just wish, I’d drop dead and be done with it.


— End quote

Jesus Christ woman, you sound like me! :lol:

Yep, twins, who would have thought?